Quality house cleaners Sydney

With over 35 years of experience and over 80,000 jobs completed, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all. Whatever it is you need, we can help. From builders cleans, preparation for sale cleans, dust extraction, flood damage, move-out cleans, pressure cleaning, carpet shampooing, fridge cleaning, de-cluttering and organising or just a little oven cleaning, we are here to help.

Providing flexibility for our customers

Some of our customers like to have their balcony screen doors cleaned once a month as part of their regular fortnightly cleaning schedule. Others like to incorporate an oven clean and clean of their fridge in even rotation every fourth visit.

Some customers like to have their patio pressure cleaned in anticipation of summer once per annum. Others want us to do our famous 21-Point Clean twice yearly to keep their child’s dust allergies at bay. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we are happy to help.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations

1800 CLEANER has a long and deep history with over 80,000 cleans under our belt. It’s because of this that we have developed more innovative cleaning systems. We specifically developed these services for the residential market. Our focus on managing customer expectations to such a high degree ensures that we regularly exceed them.

Many customers come to us complaining of their old cleaner’s lack of communication abilities. And the subsequent frustrating lack of follow-through. Decreasing standards, regular staff turnover, not turning up, not speaking English, a lack of organisation and reluctance to apply elbow grease are common complaints we hear on the phones when quoting. Their prior experiences and subsequent expectations of what a cleaning company can do are often not so challenging for us to overdeliver on. There are many reasons for this, and we have worked hard to overcome these challenges to such a degree that we have transmuted these competitor weaknesses over time into our 1800 CLEANER’s strengths. One of the secrets to our success is our systems.

Our service is guaranteed

For example, suppose a customer books a Mini Spring Clean, wants the downstairs windows cleaned only, and has a particular awning that needs pressure cleaning. In that case, the customer must submit all of these details in writing to our operations manager. We then add these details to our detailed job sheet system, which their cleaner directly works from. Bi-monthly team meetings ensure all team members are held accountable, and this system works like clockwork for us in maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

As such, our customers have a 24-hour quality guarantee as their instructions are black and white and evidenced in writing. And so, our cleaners work diligently off their job sheets each day.

This system becomes even more impressive when you become one of our regular customers.

Our customers’ homes first undergo a complete spring clean. Their regular standard follow-up clean is our 12-Point Clean, which occurs on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis and includes the following;

The 12-Point Clean Checklist

All Rooms
  1. Dusting of ceilings, ledges, walls, blinds, landing surfaces, skirting boards, vents, fans and windowsills.
  2. Air Clean with HEPA-air, ioniser and antibacterial air filtration.
  3. Hepa-Vacuum of all accessible floors, stairs and carpet.
  4. Wipe down open surfaces and clean mirrors.
  1. Warm water scrub and wipe clean bench-tops, sinks, taps and grill tops.
  2. Spray, scrub, and spot-wipe cupboard exteriors clean.
  3. Clean and polish appliance exteriors.
  4. Hot micro-fibre wash and dry floor.
  1. Scrub, wipe clean and dry shower, shower screens, bathtub and spot clean wall tiles.
  2. Wash, clean, and disinfect toilets, inside and out.
  3. Wipe clean sinks, vanities and taps.
  4. Hot wash and dry floors.

Cleaning tailored to meet our customers’ needs

Clients are then welcome to add anything they require, such as cleaning their patio sliding doors every second and oven every fourth visit. This then gets added as points 13 and 14, respectively, and so on.

Each clean is tailored perfectly to the unique needs of every client. And the system can forward book these additional items ad infinitum. The important thing is that these precise requirements are committed to in writing by the client to the Operations Manager. Who then includes them in the system to avoid the dreaded “Chinese whispers syndrome.”

“Chinese whispers” plagues so many traditional cleaning relationships. The cleaner nods at the client as they “communicate” their instructions. Time and again, this leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment for the customer.

Rest and breathe easy with one call to 1800 CLEANER

As many of our clients have multimillion-dollar properties, we often encounter unique cleaning problems that need to be adequately attended to and require some innovative thinking. We love to “MacGyver” a solution in such situations and pride ourselves on being among the industry’s most forward-thinking and intelligent cleaners.

Call 1800 CLEANER and rest easy with peace of mind as you focus on the most essential things in life. And leave us to take care of the cleaning with our specialised tailored approach to your unique custom cleaning needs.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. In fact, when we first started the business, we were gravely concerned by the lack of suitable products available. And so, we went into the lab to create our own under the trademark EcoLove. Therefore, our products are fully non-toxic and use citrus acid as their primary cleaning constituent. Above all, they are pure and harmless to your loved ones, furniture and the environment.

We find it disgusting to hear stories that cleaners are using the same dirty mop head all day long; from your neighbour’s bathroom into your kitchen come all sorts of unspeakable micro-nasties.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for and in the case of 1800 CLEANER we use fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths in every house and are constantly changing cloths throughout the day. Above all, our cleaners are equipped with fresh and well-organised cloth bags with numerous microfibre mop heads that are washed after every use.

How we deliver the best value

In addition, our cleaning services are oriented towards providing the best value to our clients and as such we do not charge by the hour. For instance and in our experience, when you pay a person by the hour they tend to work slowly and softly. And why not? They get paid all the same, so why not take it easy?

Certainly, we can understand that clients are trying to compare services and extract maximum value for their hard-earned cleaning dollars. But hourly rates are not the way. On the other hand, the solution is to pay for the finished job according to a predetermined list. And most importantly to have an agreement in place whereby the services on the list are guaranteed to be completed for the price paid.

For instance, we have found that paying hourly rates is a way to commoditise labour and the truth is that different people work differently and it’s impossible to find satisfaction with such an approach. Most importantly, with our method of starting with a big spring clean that extracts fine particle dust, clients can actually save money by using us fortnightly and achieve a superior result to traditional “cheaper” weekly cleaning approaches.

In conclusion, please fill in the quote form for prices.

In order to extract maximum value from their regular cleaning service, we work with our customers to reduce clutter over time. For those who need immediate help, we can add de-cluttering and organising services to their initial spring clean and get everything in order in a single day. Above all, the ultimate goal is to maximise open surfaces so cleaning is more efficacious and cost-effective and to also give the accumulating dust fewer places to hide.

As a result, imagine how very magnificent it is to return to a minimalist, dust-free and clutter-less haven.