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1800 CLEANER are the premier Strathfield cleaners you can trust to make your home dust-free and hygienically pristine. Most importantly, we achieve this with a unique and scientifically developed combination of technology and advanced cleaning methods. And we created this approach when we discovered that traditional cleaning methods just move the fine particle dust around where it settles again after the cleaning is complete.

Above all, the cleaning team from 1800 CLEANER are trained in innovative cleaning techniques using non-toxic products. With a 35-year history and over 70,000 cleans completed, you can trust our amazing team of Strathfield cleaners. Not only will we be reliable, but we will use a proven method to get your house far cleaner and dust-free. And when you live in a dust-free home, the results are myriad and incredible.

The benefits are many

Firstly, you get to enjoy a highly clean home that says cleaner for longer and is far easier to keep that way. Secondly, the house will look and feel spectacularly clean and sensually fresh, having eliminated the “dust-drop” effect. Thirdly, the health and well-being of those who live there will be vastly improved. This is with thanks to your new Strathfield cleaners. Consequently, the collective mood of the family will improve along with their sleep quality. Finally, these positive elements combine to enhance the energy and livability within the house for you and your family. This redounds in increased levels of order, peace and joy.

No one thought of this before your Strathfield cleaners did because the naked human eye can not see the microscopic dust. Once individuated and floating freely, you can’t see it unless it passes through a sunlight shaft. However, our Strathfield cleaners detect it like a Jedi master. And so, when the time has arrived for you to live-dust-free, call the dust-free living cleaning company and the Strathfield cleaners you can trust. 

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