Carpet Cleaning Sydney

We clean carpets thoroughly with a powerful HEPA-Air industrial grade vacuum cleaner. However, built in grime and dried soiled materials sometimes require a little more. That’s why 20 years ago, we included carpet shampooing as part of our service offering. And, we’ve gotten very good at it!

Cleaner carpet means a brighter home

Our philosophy at 1800 CLEANER is that once the air quality inside the home is of a high standard, cleaning the carpets and rugs is next. Our approach is a great long-term solution for removing stubborn ingrained dirt and grime. This muck gets lodged between the carpet fibres and can’t be removed with simple dry vacuum cleaning alone.

In such situations, it becomes incumbent to wet wash the carpet using a shampoo. The moisture combines with the detergents in the shampoo and the agitation of the wand to loosen and remove the more stubborn soiled materials. These materials, collect over time in the carpet fibres.

This is then sucked out of the pile with the powerful extraction motor of the carpet shampooing machine. The end result is not only visually brighter but also cleaner, fresher and healthier for your family too. 

Long-term solutions for your carpets

The ongoing care of your carpet after the shampooing is complete is also worthy of consideration.

  • Removing shoes – It is a good idea to have members of the household remove their shoes on entering the home. It will avoid bringing soiling materials from the street into the home.
  • Door Mats – Entry and exit door mats are a must and preferably microfibre ones are the best.
  • Dust removal – The levels of dust in the home are also an important determinant for the ongoing cleanliness of your carpets. A heavily dusty house will inevitably make its dirty way into your carpet fibres.

These considerations are important for both the look and cleanliness of your carpet. However, there is an even more important consideration that rarely gets talked about. This is concerned with the health of your carpets. 

Dust mites are a menace for your carpet

When you take a very close look into your carpets you will see that they are literally breeding grounds for microscopic creatures.

Of particular importance is the dreaded dust mite. These guys will set up camp in your flooring. And will metaphorically create little cities too if left unchecked. It is impossible to get rid of every dust mite completely and for those with dust allergies, having no carpets in the home is the best option.

But there’s something very cosy and warming to our DNA to enjoy the metaphorical bear skin rug beneath our bare feet. For many Australian homes, carpets are a must. In such situations dust management is the key.

Dust mites thrive on human skin scales that we shed each day. It’s important to keep the home that surrounds your carpets free of microscopic and airborne dust.

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The Mini-Spring Clean

Fine dust is a feeding ground for carpet dust mites

The really tiny dust can float around your home for up to 5 days when disturbed by a wind draft or from the activities associated with traditional cleaning. This can be seen with the eye, when you notice the dust sparkling through a shaft of sunlight when you notice how dusty ceiling fans and high ledges can get.

Have you ever wondered how and why does the dust get up there and what can you do about it?

The dust is actually floating around when you clean and whenever it is disturbed it will resettle some time afterwards. As you can imagine, much of this dust that is determined to stay in your environment despite your best efforts to clean it will eventually make its way into your carpets. Becoming food for the ever-abundant dust mite population that rely on it for their population growth aspirations.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Gratefully there is a solution to cutting down the breeding cycle of dust mites. Just like germs we can never get rid of every little dust mite (and nor would we want to for the benefit of our immune systems). We can dramatically control their numbers and find that nice balance between a minimum of dust and irritants in the home and having a healthy home that is an absolute pleasure to live in.

This is the ideal consideration before and after having your carpets professionally shampooed. We believe in this method of controlling dust pre and post carpet shampooing to achieve premium ongoing results.

In fact, we have refused lucrative shampooing jobs because we felt that the dusty environment the clients were asking us to shampoo would represent a substantial waste of money for them.

To have your home professionally cleaned by 1800 CLEANER and to get your carpets cleaned on the same day please call 1800 CLEANER that’s 1800 253 263 or fill in the quote form below.

We look forward to taking great care of your home, your carpets and particularly of you and your family.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. In fact, when we first started the business, we were gravely concerned by the lack of suitable products available. And so, we went into the lab to create our own under the trademark EcoLove. Therefore, our products are fully non-toxic and use citrus acid as their primary cleaning constituent. Above all, they are pure and harmless to your loved ones, furniture and the environment.

We find it disgusting to hear stories that cleaners are using the same dirty mop head all day long; from your neighbour’s bathroom into your kitchen come all sorts of unspeakable micro-nasties.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for and in the case of 1800 CLEANER we use fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths in every house and are constantly changing cloths throughout the day. Above all, our cleaners are equipped with fresh and well-organised cloth bags with numerous microfibre mop heads that are washed after every use.

How we deliver the best value

In addition, our cleaning services are oriented towards providing the best value to our clients and as such we do not charge by the hour. For instance and in our experience, when you pay a person by the hour they tend to work slowly and softly. And why not? They get paid all the same, so why not take it easy?

Certainly, we can understand that clients are trying to compare services and extract maximum value for their hard-earned cleaning dollars. But hourly rates are not the way. On the other hand, the solution is to pay for the finished job according to a predetermined list. And most importantly to have an agreement in place whereby the services on the list are guaranteed to be completed for the price paid.

For instance, we have found that paying hourly rates is a way to commoditise labour and the truth is that different people work differently and it’s impossible to find satisfaction with such an approach. Most importantly, with our method of starting with a big spring clean that extracts fine particle dust, clients can actually save money by using us fortnightly and achieve a superior result to traditional “cheaper” weekly cleaning approaches.

In conclusion, please fill in the quote form for prices.

In order to extract maximum value from their regular cleaning service, we work with our customers to reduce clutter over time. For those who need immediate help, we can add de-cluttering and organising services to their initial spring clean and get everything in order in a single day. Above all, the ultimate goal is to maximise open surfaces so cleaning is more efficacious and cost-effective and to also give the accumulating dust fewer places to hide.

As a result, imagine how very magnificent it is to return to a minimalist, dust-free and clutter-less haven.