1800 CLEANER’s privacy policy describes how we use your personal and private data. Protecting your privacy is a priority for our company. Below, we explain how we manage any personal information you might disclose while visiting this website. 

How you use our website will determine the type of personal information we collect from you. We will treat all information we receive about you as strictly confidential. Your information will not be shared with any external third parties. Your information may be used for our purposes, such as sending information to you about our services. The services of any of the entities in our wholly-owned home services group may also be sent to you.

Use of cookies

Our website uses “cookies” to collect personal website-specific user information on visitors. We use Google Analytics to track hits to our site, including tracking of domains from which hits come.

We add data to our customer database when you contact us by e-mail, through online forms, or call us. Our company may reach out for marketing purposes unless explicitly advised not to do so. Any persons who e-mail us requesting that they do not wish to receive communications from us will have their names deleted from our database and client list.

Suppose you visit the website and read or download information. In that case, our Internet Service Provider/Hosting Provider will record information about your domain name, site time, visit data, and the pages you viewed. Our internet providers will assist us in analysing this information for website development purposes only. We may use this information to send you e-mails to inform you of any information that might interest you.

Use of personal information

1800 CLEANER’s policy is that we will not sell or pass on any personal information you may have provided us unless the law requires us to disclose certain information. If we believe we have a legal requirement to do so, we will preserve the contents of any e-mail message you send us. 

Please get in touch with us by e-mail if you wish to discuss any aspect of this privacy policy or if you believe any information we hold about you is inaccurate or outdated. We will review the relevant information and update you accordingly.


Please be advised that the information provided on this website is for use in a general nature only. Please do not rely upon it as, nor is it to be a substitute for, specific professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned by persons acting on or refraining from action due to any material in this publication is accepted.