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Above all, 1800 CLEANER has been Sydney’s premier house cleaning company for decades, and our founder has been refining the art of cleaning for over 35 years

Therefore we invite you to enjoy reading up on our rich history in our media centre in both the print media and watching Michael’s star turn on Seven’s Today Tonight and A Current Affair. And you can also explore our YouTube videos for great tips on many subjects. Firstly, how to save money on your weekly cleaning bill. Secondly, how to protect your loved ones from dust allergens. And finally, learn more about ecoLoveTM, our world-class range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Furthermore, we are open to interviews and advice, and you can also visit our blog anytime to get information and tips and even ask questions on how our unique approach to “dust-free living” can transform your home and your life.

Where cleaning meets science

Moreover, 1800 CLEANER has developed a unique scientific approach to removing fine particle dust that is typically the bane of traditional cleaning methods. Most importantly, the fine dust becomes suspended mid-air once disturbed, only to resettle again within five days. Therefore, this means that most households in Australia are needlessly cleaning the same recirculating dust each week.

Furthermore, our painstakingly developed scientific method removes the bulk of the fine dust particles from the home so that the dreaded and rarely understood “dust-drop effect” is eliminated. In addition, this allows people to clean more effectively and less often to achieve an even better result than can be achieved with traditional cleaning methods. And the added benefits are that the home looks brighter, looks spectacular and is healthier to live in.

In conclusion, call 1800 CLEANER today to enjoy dust-free living as soon as tomorrow.