Pre-sale cleaners

Pre-sale cleaners you can count on

1800 CLEANER have been Sydney’s premier pre-sale cleaners for over 35 years. There is so much involved in selling your home. We can not understate the importance of being able to depend on your pre-sale cleaners. This crucial decision can add tens of thousands of dollars to your final sale price. It can also negate the stress and disappointment that trying to sell an unclean house can visit upon the outgoing owners. You may also be adding years to your life in the process!

We have witnessed customers selling their homes by trying to force a cheap clean quickly, and often under stress. We’ve learnt across thousands of pre-sale cleaning situations that there’s a smarter way to approach this vitally essential sales process. The ideal scenario by which your pre-sale cleaners can deliver you the best value is by accentuating the home’s appeal to incoming prospects. And, like it or not, a large part of buying a house can be about how the home makes a prospect feel upon entering it. Selling your home is, thereby, not an entirely rational process. It involves making the prospect “feel” like they could live there as they enter the home. It’s all about working with their imagination.

Managing how the prospect “feels” is key

And how the prospect feels offers one of the most significant opportunities when choosing your pre-sale cleaners. Firstly, the cleaning must be on-point obviously. So that requires a checklist and some guarantees. Secondly, and far less obvious, is to remove all the fine particle dust and other invisible contaminants, impurities and irritants entirely in the house. That means the home must be physically dust-free. Thirdly, the energy in which the team cleans and the impress left behind must be pristine, warm and inviting. That involves ensuring the pre-sale cleaners clean with care and calm because they feel calm and cared for. Not rushed, not exploited, but well-paid and cared for, free from stress and without pressure. It shows and is felt when your pre-sale cleaners do an exceptional job.


Cleaners who are cared for clean better

Our recommendation is to embark upon our 21-point clean (see checklist here) to start, and we also highly recommend window cleaning as a close second. We recommend getting your carpets shampooed on day one too. We wish you well and the best of luck with your sale. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes. In fact, when we first started the business, we were gravely concerned by the lack of suitable products available. And so, we went into the lab to create our own under the trademark EcoLove. Therefore, our products are fully non-toxic and use citrus acid as their primary cleaning constituent. Above all, they are pure and harmless to your loved ones, furniture and the environment.

We find it disgusting to hear stories that cleaners are using the same dirty mop head all day long; from your neighbour’s bathroom into your kitchen come all sorts of unspeakable micro-nasties.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for and in the case of 1800 CLEANER we use fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths in every house and are constantly changing cloths throughout the day. Above all, our cleaners are equipped with fresh and well-organised cloth bags with numerous microfibre mop heads that are washed after every use.

How we deliver the best value

In addition, our cleaning services are oriented towards providing the best value to our clients and as such we do not charge by the hour. For instance and in our experience, when you pay a person by the hour they tend to work slowly and softly. And why not? They get paid all the same, so why not take it easy?

Certainly, we can understand that clients are trying to compare services and extract maximum value for their hard-earned cleaning dollars. But hourly rates are not the way. On the other hand, the solution is to pay for the finished job according to a predetermined list. And most importantly to have an agreement in place whereby the services on the list are guaranteed to be completed for the price paid.

For instance, we have found that paying hourly rates is a way to commoditise labour and the truth is that different people work differently and it’s impossible to find satisfaction with such an approach. Most importantly, with our method of starting with a big spring clean that extracts fine particle dust, clients can actually save money by using us fortnightly and achieve a superior result to traditional “cheaper” weekly cleaning approaches.

In conclusion, please fill in the quote form for prices.

In order to extract maximum value from their regular cleaning service, we work with our customers to reduce clutter over time. For those who need immediate help, we can add de-cluttering and organising services to their initial spring clean and get everything in order in a single day. Above all, the ultimate goal is to maximise open surfaces so cleaning is more efficacious and cost-effective and to also give the accumulating dust fewer places to hide.

As a result, imagine how very magnificent it is to return to a minimalist, dust-free and clutter-less haven.