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Cleaning for allergies: creating a home environment for allergy sufferers

For allergy sufferers, creating a living space with minimal dust, microscopic irritants, and allergens is crucial. At 1800 CLEANER, we aim to eliminate 97% of hidden micro-dust in your home to enhance your quality of life.

We understand that dust is one of the leading allergens found indoors. This dust is usually contaminated with dust mite fecal particles and cast skins. These micro-irritants can cause various allergic reactions, including asthma, eczema, fever, sneezing, watery eyes, and depression. It can also contribute to a sense of disorder and generally being ill at ease.

At 1800 CLEANER, we aim to inform you about the significance of minimising fine particulate dust in your home. There are several purported ways to reduce it, but not all of them are efficient when it comes to eliminating the main culprit – microscopic particle dust. This invisible dust goes airborne when we disturb it, so it usually evades our best cleaning methods. We have to clean deeply and thoroughly to combat allergies caused by dust and to simultaneously clean the air and combat the dreaded “dust-drop effect.”

Older homes versus new homes

In older homes, the probability of finding accumulated dust in spaces that you wouldn’t typically think of is high. For instance, furniture and objects that haven’t been moved in years, unwashed curtains, cluttered bookshelves, fans that have never been cleaned since installation, and air conditioners with clogged filters, among other hidden dust traps.

Allergy cleaners who know how to get the airborne dust to settle is crucial

Allergy cleaners who know how to get the airborne dust to settle is crucial


It is incorrect to assume that new homes are free from large amounts of micro-dust. Various construction workers use different tools and materials during the construction process, creating tiny particles that settle everywhere. Deep cleaning, carried out by a professional with the appropriate equipment to eliminate the greatest amount of dust, is crucial to ensure a high-quality environment for your new life.

Why you should hire professional cleaners

At 1800 CLEANER, we have over 35 years of experience in micro-dust cleaning. As a result, we use the latest technology and equipment and a specially trained team to create a dust and toxin-free environment, which is so crucial to the well-being of the inhabitants, particularly for allergy sufferers.

If a member of your family is an allergy sufferer, you should evaluate the cleanliness of your home immediately. Daily cleaning is not enough, as dust accumulates in many other areas, causing an unhealthy home environment and generating allergy symptoms. And a strategy for eliminating the airborne micro-dust is essential.

We offer a deep cleaning treatment that will leave your home spectacularly clean and easier to maintain. To maintain this level of cleanliness, we provide regular cleaning services every two weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote to improve your quality of life.



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