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Five hot tips to get your home spotless from the premier Sydney house cleaners

If keeping your home spotless has become a dreaded weekend chore, we’ve got great news for you. Australia’s most experienced house cleaning company has distilled decades of cleaning wisdom into these top 5 tips. Sydney’s premier professional house cleaners can help ensure that your home is always gleaming, and it may contain some surprises as to how you think about dust.

The five hot quick tips to a healthier home

  1. Keep shoes outside. So much dust is carried indoors by our shoes, not to mention countless germs, bacteria and other yukky stuff. So ensure people leave their shoes at the front door before entering your sanctuary.
  2. Clean your flyscreens regularly. It’s incredible how much micro-dust gets trapped in our flyscreens and redistributed into our homes when we open the windows. 1800 CLEANER has studied this for decades as the premier Sydney house cleaner.
  3. Before dusting, use a damp cloth to wipe down dusty surfaces. Ensure all windows are closed well in advance to avoid drafts that send that fine particle dust airborne.
  4. Make sure your vac has a HEPA filter. This filter will capture particles as small as 1/30th the circumference of a human hair.
  5. Only use flat microfibre mop heads. These use static electricity to attract the fine dust that wants to go airborne.

Why your house stays so dusty

Cleaning your house well means that you need to use your imagination more than your eyes. Fine particle dust floats when you clean it with traditional cleaning methods. And there, it can stay suspended for up to 5 days, completely unseen by the naked human eye. Only Sydney house cleaners with a scientific mindset know how to overcome this dreaded dust-drop effect.

Knowledge is power, and we invite you to ask as many questions as possible at the 1800 CLEANER blog. The best questions to Sydney’s premier house cleaners will get turned into educational video answers, so don’t be shy; go for it.


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