Stanmore cleaners you can trust

1800 CLEANER can provide you with exceptional cleaning services and conscientious Stanmore cleaners you will love dealing with. We start with a thorough Spring clean. From there we can provide regular services that will leave your home dust-free and life stress and hassle-free.


The Ultimate Work Life Balance

There are so many compelling reasons to choose 1800 CLEANER as your trusted Stanmore cleaners. For starters our people are exceptional. We vet, screen and train the most incredible people and take extra good care of them. This ensures that they stay with our company for ages and you get to enjoy the same familiar face. Our methods are fully non-toxic and best of all we extract up to 97% of fine particle dust down to 30 microns.

We have been steadily building a reputation as Australia’s premier cleaners for over 35 years and counting. Stunningly, our approach to fine particle dust extraction not only provides immeasurable health benefits but makes your home easier to clean and it stays cleaner between visits as well. We believe that a fortnightly clean from 1800 CLEANER is superior to a weekly clean from any other provider. This represents substantive value as well.

Consequently, there is but one logical choice when it comes to your preferred house cleaners.
Call 1800 CLEANER and start living dust-free as early as this week.