What are the benefits of deep cleaning?

This article aims to inform homeowners about the benefits of deep cleaning for a healthier living environment and a more orderly and peaceful life.

Conducting a deep clean at least once a year is vitally important for the health of your home and mental well-being. A house that looks orderly and clean, with everything in its place, creates a nice image. However, all that glitters is not gold, and the surface appearance is not always what counts. Hidden dust can frustrate future cleaning efforts and make the home’s health and general vibe harder to live with.

Deep cleaning goes beyond conventional superficial surface cleaning. The ultimate objective is to eliminate fine dust particles and, in this way, transform your home into a dust-free environment. This approach generates multiple benefits for your health. Among them:

An imminent improvement in the quality of the air you breathe.

It is notable and palpable that our clients experience a feeling of freshness and renewal every time they enter their homes. This phenomenon is most pronounced after a deep cleaning service performed by 1800 CLEANER. We clean air conditioning filters, move furniture, and use ladders to remove hidden dust. This unseen dust hides in the most difficult-to-access spaces and leaks out. Our team follows a scientific method and an extensive cleaning approach, synchronised with the help of negative ions and HEPA Air Filters throughout the day. This approach allows us to remove up to 97% of micro-dust particles down to 30 microns in size. This is infinitesimally small and captures the excess of micro-particles, pollutants, allergens and irritants that bombard our immune systems in our homes and can exacerbate and even cause health issues.

Reduction of the spread of allergens and irritability.

Let’s consider a typical scenario: the dust we encounter daily is contaminated with dust mite fecal particles and cast skins. Insufficient hygiene and living with too much dust can lead to severe allergy symptoms, such as asthma, sneezing, and watery eyes. However, a professionally executed deep clean can eliminate a significant portion of this harmful dust, improving air quality and reducing these health issues. Imagine waking up without sneezing fits or being able to breathe easier due to cleaner air. These are the tangible benefits of deep cleaning.

A well done deep cleaning generates multiple benefits for your health.

Prevents the appearance and spread of mould.

Deep cleaning reduces moisture and organic matter that can contribute to the growth of mould and mildew and also draws more mould spores out of the environment. Addressing these issues regularly can prevent potential health hazards and maintain a healthier living environment.

Contributes to the order and revitalisation of spaces.

Through decluttering, environments are transformed into minimalist spaces with more potential for use and walkability. It also eases the mind to live in an orderly, clear space. The problem with clutter is that it allows dust to congregate, generates large clouds of indoor dust, and blocks spaces. After deep cleaning, the environment is transformed into an enjoyable, livable, fresh, and inviting space.

Enhanced mental well-being.

This is the aspect we are most passionate about. We want to underline the significant role deep cleaning can play in enhancing our quality of life. A well-organised home helps to ward off feelings of depression, distraction, and lethargy, and aids in establishing focus and improving concentration. Refreshed and rejuvenated spaces contribute to enhancing the quality of our activities within our home. The feeling of tranquillity and relaxation is unparalleled when the environment is conducive to good health, with transparent and open spaces in good, clean conditions.

Our service is backed by a team of highly trained professionals adept at delivering spectacular results using advanced and scientific cleaning methods and a cleaning process that took over 35 years to perfect. These are not empty promises but iron-clad guarantees. The team at 1800 CLEANER know how to transform your home into a clean, refreshed, and easy-to-maintain space through a deep spring clean with micro-dust extraction. We only use non-toxic products and the latest equipment to eliminate 97% of the dust surrounding you, leaving your home healthier and far more supportive of an orderly, peaceful and joyous life.

Article by Lucila Aidar of 1800 CLEANER




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