The 1800 CLEANER podcasts are informative and useful. They assist people to live a dust-free life. Learn how the cleaning industry works. Discover the philosophy behind 1800 CLEANER. And how making your cleaner happy is the secret to a harmonious cleaning relationship. We also discuss the importance of cleaning to set the stage so to speak for the day ahead in the work environment. Further, we talk about how lovely it is to come home to a house that is heavenly and clean. And dust-free. And ultimately, to get that sense that the person that cleaned for you cares for you.

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Allergies and what to do? Michael Sweet Interview.

Allergies are a real challenge for those who suffer from them and those who love them. Enjoy this 30-minute conversation about the origins of 1800 CLEANER and the dust-free cleaning method between Lucy Dahill and Michael Sweet.

Some sufferers of allergies know it, and others do not. Symptoms can be severe for some and subtle in others. The general thing is that the sufferer will have an allergic reaction to something external to their body. Generally, the irritant is something microscopic in the environment and often something in their food. This interview touches on environmental-oriented allergies specific to dust.

In general, dust allergies are one of the most common allergies. Even a non-allergic person will, over time, suffer from the harmful effects of high levels of house dust. And the thing is that it is challenging to manage and control household dust. That’s because the really fine dust tends to float when we clean with traditional methods.

This interview with the founder of 1800 CLEANER describes how he built the business and discovered the nature of how and why fine particle dust floats. It touches on how he painstakingly experimented and eventually invented a scientific cleaning system that removes the vast majority of dust. This ensures that sufferers’ symptoms are eased in most cases and completely eradicated in others. This system is shared to benefit allergy sufferers and those who love them. Whilst the business 1800 CLEANER can get rid of the majority of dust for its customers in one single day, the founder shares articles and information on this site that any household can use to reduce their own dust levels in their home over time for their own benefit and the benefit of their loved ones.

 The first step is knowledge.

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1800 CLEANER – Why cleaner care is the solution to happy customers?

The vital importance of cleaner care and how taking care of our cleaners supports them in taking care of our customers.

In this interview, we dig deeper into what is happening in the residential cleaning arena. We talk about those subtle things that are so important but rarely discussed. There is much force upon cleaning services to be commoditised, yet customer dissatisfaction is increasing. This is a self-fulfilling cycle that creates much pain. This is particularly true in the residential cleaning space. The oft-heard saying, “It’s so hard to find a good cleaner?” is a difficult question with a logical answer that some people are unwilling to hear. The basic answer is that a great cleaner is a professional who can command top dollar, and the specific law that you get what you pay for holds. And cleaner care is critical.

The truth is that cleaning a person’s home exceptionally well is a rare and valuable skill. Talented people who employ a scientific system are worth their weight in gold and deserve great pay so that they, too, can have what the customer seeks—a great life with precious peace of mind. And so, cleaner care is a mandatory prerequisite for customer care.

So what is going on?

This fascinating interview unlocks the truth of what is going on in the residential cleaning industry and explains the subtle difference that can occur when the person who cleans for you cares for you. And the necessity for the customer to also care for the cleaner and the cleaning company. It’s a triumvirate of care that can’t be understated. And it can’t be ignored if true divine satisfaction is to manifest for both parties in this vitally important relationship.

That’s why those seeking cheap cleaners seem dissatisfied – that approach’s inherent lack of care. How can the exploitation of a person redound in them feeling settled enough to be calm and present and do a great job with positive energy? And how can an overly demanding customer expect so much when giving so little? It’s a set-up for disharmony that leaks out into the customer’s home and spills into their life. How can it not? Our home deserves to be our haven, yet the relationship between customer and client is not divine. When it is, miracles happen, and your home becomes a haven. When it does not, internal poverty is being bred, and indeed it becomes the opposite – a hovel.