There are many good reasons to trust us to take care of the cleaning

In truth, our smart cleaning system, thoroughly trained and dedicated workers, environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment capture more physical debris and airborne dust, dramatically reducing microscopic contaminant levels in your home and workplace.

Consequently, our intelligent job sheet system and strict hygiene policy ensure your individual needs are consistently met while protecting the health of your home and family.

Why choose us

1. Firstly, TRUST – Our people

  • Over 50,000 jobs successfully completed
  • The company was first established in 1997
  • $5m public indemnity insurance policy

Our people are not just offered the odd job; they are provided with a serious career. We do not hire transient workers. Our experienced internal recruitment department hand pick the most diligent and trustworthy staff (from over 100 resumes received on average) and provides them with intensive training to make them amongst the finest cleaners in the industry.

Cleaning Technology for Fine Dust Removal Sydney

2. Secondly, TECHNOLOGY – Our equipment

  • Air cleaning of particles and contaminants down to 30 microns in size
  • Dramatically reduces dust mite populations and alleviates allergies
  • Ioniser, anti-bacterial, and HEPA filters are standard on every clean

We employ advanced technology to clean your indoor environment more thoroughly, thereby improving the quality of the air you breathe. And we developed a scientifically based system to remove fine dust and to leave your home spectacularly clean and energetically healthier.

Quality House Cleaners Sydney

3. Thirdly, QUALITY – Our service

  • Organised professionals who are responsive
  • Intelligent and detailed job sheet system
  • Full-service family cleaning company – no middlemen

Above all, our operations team are friendly, organised, helpful and dependable and supports valuable clients like you in procuring your dream clean. Subsequently, we engage with you personally, not by automated software. And importantly, 1800 CLEANER is not an aggregation or marketing site. In truth, as a full-service cleaning company, we ensure the highest standards are met. Guaranteed. Most importantly, our owner, Michael Sweet, is out in the field daily, ensuring that we deliver a consistently incredible job every time. Finally, we provide one point of contact for all of your cleaning needs with the easiest phone number in the world to remember – 1800 CLEANER

Healthy Dust Free Living with 1800 CLEANER

4. Fourthly, PURITY – Your Health

  • Firstly, we developed our own non-toxic cleaning products called ecoLoveTM.
  • Secondly, our strict hygiene policy keeps you and your loved ones safe
  • Thirdly, hermetically and heat-cleaned, fresh microfibre clothes and mop heads are used every day

Most importantly, we are dedicated to improving the health of your home and the environment with our strict non-toxic policy. Consequently, our cleaning services reduce pollutant levels inside and outside your home, offering valuable benefits beyond a traditional clean.

Customer Satisfaction

5. Fifthly, OUR CUSTOMERS – Your peace of mind

Quality Hygiene and Consistency are the 1800 CLEANER guarantees

6. Sixthly, HONOURABILITY – Your guarantees

We have three very important guarantees for our customers.

  1. Quality: Firstly, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service as delivered against the service list and job sheet details, send a photo within 24 hours to our cleaning company by email to have it re-cleaned at no charge.
  2. Hygiene: Secondly, we promise to consciously avoid cross-contamination from one client's home to the next, and to always use fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths and mop heads every day.
  3. Consistency: Thirdly, we guarantee consistency by arriving on the same recurring day of your cleaning schedule and to deliver services according to the details specified on your individualised job sheet every time.

Michael Sweet Founder of 1800 CLEANER Sydney house cleaners you can trust

7. Finally, INTEGRITY

At 1800 CLEANER, cleaning with integrity is our standard. Over the years, we have seen time and time again that a healthy and pristine home can be like medicine for the families that live in them. And not only does this apply to a physical absence of toxins and microscopic pollutants and dust particles, but just as important is the quality of the space within a home.

In truth, when the person who cleans for you cares for you, the results are remarkable. We train our team to clean your home with a well-thought-out method and good old elbow grease. Finally, experiencing that feeling is the best way to understand it.

In conclusion, we have relationships with many of our clients spanning not only years but decades, and we hope to enjoy a long-standing reciprocal relationship with you, your home and your family too.