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Sydney cleaning franchise opportunities

Are you looking for a better work-life balance and financial freedom? At 1800 CLEANER, we believe we have the solution. We are inviting two franchisees to take over one of our established residential cleaning runs in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and Inner West.

Our scientifically developed “dust-free” cleaning system and quality client list ensure that our customers’ homes stay cleaner for longer, resulting in numerous benefits for all stakeholders. These benefits include higher yields, calmer and more stable client relationships, and intelligent automation that supports an impressive and fulfilling business and personal life.

As our franchisees establish themselves, they can enjoy a minimum weekly revenue guarantee of $2,500 ($120,000 per annum). This allows them to focus solely on delivering quality work through training and service delivery while we handle the administration, marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, and scheduling for a flat 14% franchise fee.

When you become a 1800 CLEANER franchisee, you will receive state-of-the-art cleaning systems, productivity guidance, and proven and relatable on-staff business advisors. Our comprehensive support system also takes care of the paperwork, enabling you to grow your business one client at a time. We prioritize building a client base in close proximity to our workers’ homes, ensuring a superior work-life balance for our franchisees.

Our comprehensive training package emphasizes customer satisfaction, quality, and promptness. Our dedicated support team is committed to helping you build a successful business and achieving our unique vision of bringing heaven to earth, one home at a time.

We are actively seeking professional franchisees who share our work ethic and believe in putting the client first. To apply, please contact our founder, Michael Sweet, at [email protected] or call 1800 CLEANER.

Finding a meaningful career and financial freedom in the heart of Sydney

Life in Sydney is getting even more fast-paced. Quality family time mid-week with the kids is now considered a luxury. Many people work all day and spend a massive swath of time stuck in traffic just to pay the bills. And then there is trying to find time for exercise. There has to be a better way.

At 1800 CLEANER, we believe we have found it. Imagine not having to ask your boss if attending your kids’ swimming carnival on a Tuesday morning is OK. Or to plan and enjoy a regular afternoon or even a whole day off every week. Perhaps even to work more on your business than in your business.

We invite you to consider a lateral alternative that will have you say no to the everyday subsistence offered by the mainstream job market. To embrace the possibility of working for yourself, setting your own hours, and prioritising your life the way nature intended – family first. And to do it all off the back of a scientifically superior cleaning system that allows you to get more done with less effort and to feel and experience satisfaction, peace and profit in the process.

Learn about our 2023 Franchise opportunities that allow you to focus on the cleaning

1800 CLEANER is a business that takes care of the paperwork for its franchisees so they can focus on taking pride in doing great work more efficiently and get more quality time taking care of the most important things in life. It is a business that focuses on building quality runs of clients in close proximity to the homes of its workers and franchisees. That way, the time saved, not hassling in traffic, can be re-prioritised towards quality-of-life ventures. This way, we can achieve an exceptional quality work/life balance whilst building an appreciating asset according to the individual’s and family’s working aspirations and ambitions. After all, life is to be lived.

Right now, we are looking for two franchisees to take over an Eastern Suburbs run and an Inner West run in Sydney. We take care of all the administration, marketing, sales, customer contact, recruitment, accounting and scheduling in exchange for a 14% franchise fee, so you can focus on caring for your customers, their beloved families and their homes.

Inner West and Eastern Suburbs runs currently available

The Inner West run offers a minimum weekly revenue guarantee of $2,500 per week ($120,000 p.a.). There is an upfront franchise purchase cost of $19,840 and an ongoing franchise fee (administration and marketing) of 14%.

The Eastern Suburbs run carries a minimum revenue guarantee of $2,500 ($120,000 p.a.). There is an upfront franchise cost of $19,840 and an ongoing franchise fee (administration and marketing) of 14%.

The 1800 CLEANER system requires that you follow our way of doing things and delivering excellent service. As a result, we guarantee a regular income and, if you so desire, a growing enterprise. Our ethos is that our people grow with us. We’re right behind you if you want to grow a massive business.

We are a business that seeks quality relationships with our franchisees and workers alike, as the secret to success in this business is happy workers and clients, which goes hand in hand. This business is franchising now not to make the franchisor rich as others do but rather to help the franchisor deal with and service the incredible levels of demand driven by unrivalled quality.

1800 CLEANER Dusting

We didn't start this to get rich by franchising. We started it to escape from the corporate rat race.

If you want to build a big residential cleaning business, we’re behind you all the way.

Build sustainable wealth and a positive work/life balance with your own 1800 CLEANER franchise.

An excellent franchise business is one where both the franchisor and the franchisee build wealth together by generating sustainable cash flow from the customer base. They work in unison to increase the size of the entire business, and everyone involved shares in the success.

1800 CLEANER was proven a profitable stand-alone business through 20 years of building, running and refining our operations before we opened our first franchise in Sydney. 1800 CLEANER franchisees enjoy a well-established run and a minimum of paperwork. Two Sydney runs are now available to buy. You are welcome to keep this as a solo-person run, or we can work alongside you to build it into whatever size you want. The only limitation is the size of your dreams and imagination. Our customers expect service excellence, and our brand depends on your utmost service delivery. Our support system is all-encompassing, and we take care of the marketing and selling, the scheduling and equipment, the billing and payment collection and everything else you will need.

You focus on building your business, one client at a time, by striving to make them happy.

Successful applicants must undertake two weeks of work and systems training in Sydney before we launch your business in your desired region. Please click here for more information, call 1800 CLEANER or send a confidential email to [email protected].

Being the only cleaner in your region with this unfair and powerful competitive edge

Phone names make it easy for customers to remember and call a company. Customers spell the name, product or service they are looking for using the letters on their telephone keypad. Phone names have been popular overseas for many years, and Australians eagerly embrace them. They are straightforward for consumers to remember and can boost advertising response rates by over 450%* compared to a standard phone number.

People have trouble remembering numbers, but they can’t forget names. That’s why even after the ads stop, the calls keep coming. Research by Roy Morgan showed a 450% increase in response when a phone name is used compared to a standard phone number on the radio. The phone number 1800 253 263 spells the phone name 1800 CLEANER. No other number combination spells the word CLEANER. Australians remember this phone name most easily when they need a cleaner.

This mighty phone name is the centrepiece of a marketing strategy building 1800 CLEANER into a household name. We seek professional franchisees to penetrate their respective regions and prosper. The big idea is no big secret. It is simply working hard to keep customers happy. We help you grow your client base to the size that suits you. And we take care of all the paperwork, scheduling, marketing and selling.

The secret to success – smart and hard work

There is no avoiding it. Success in this business involves hard work, especially for the first year or two, as you build a team you can trust. The good news is that you will never be forced to compete on price. We support franchisees in getting new customers and keeping old ones. In Sydney, we have many quality customers awaiting your best service, and we will be there every step of the way to support you.

This gives you the power to build the size of a business that suits your needs – a one-person band or a million-dollar company. We have the plan. The choice is yours. The future of the 1800 CLEANER brand is dependent on premium service. Therefore you need to be able to provide your customers with the most thorough and professional cleaning service in your chosen territory.

As a franchisee, you will be obliged to act in the best interests of the overall 1800 CLEANER business through consistently applying quality, integrity and promptness. We greatly value strong leaders with good attention to detail and understanding customers’ needs. As a franchisee of 1800 CLEANER, you will be shown how to build and run your own successful cleaning business by making client satisfaction your primary strategy for growth. And with a guaranteed run, success is assured for those who apply themselves to the 1800 CLEANER methodology.

We have a plan that works

With any business, you need to plan for growth. The first year of your business will involve maintaining your client base to achieve minimum churn to maximise profitability in years two and beyond. Ideally, you should have ambitions to build the dominant cleaning business in your territory. We look to our franchisees to spread positive word of mouth and strive for the industry’s best practices in quality, professionalism and courtesy.

If you want to discuss the details in person, you can make an appointment by calling us on 1800 CLEANER, email us at [email protected] or submitting an information request.

We will endeavour to respond to your request promptly.

We take care of the marketing and administration of your business

so you can take care of growing your business.

Eleven business benefits available to the 1800 CLEANER franchisee

  1. State-of-the-art cleaning systems and productivity guidance.
  2. Training and support from flexible and knowledgeable franchisors.
  3. You get actual sales from our powerful marketing campaigns.
  4. Experienced on-staff business advisors are available to you.
  5. High-profit ratios in the range of 20% after the first year.
  6. All administration and sales taken care of.
  7. Our brand is exclusively focused on cleaning.
  8. Our phone number is unforgettable.
  9. We continue to send you new work if you like.
  10. We guide you in building close profitable runs.
  11. Room to expand or stay as you are. You choose.

Five personal and lifestyle advantages to consider as well

  1. Get fit and work your own hours.
  2. Make better use of your time and great money.
  3. An increasingly bright future for you and your family.
  4. You don’t have to clean if you can build a team.
  5. Create more time for life’s truly precious matters.

Description Cost

$24,850 or $36,000 ~ Upfront one-off Franchise Fee

14% Franchise fee comprised of; 7% Administration, 4% Marketing, 3% ~ Royalty payment

Included; Equipment purchase, vehicle signage, advertising material, operations manuals. Includes all administration, recruitment, scheduling and marketing.

* Exclusive territory size is 40,000 households/businesses. This run is for either the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney or the Inner West of Sydney. 1800 CLEANER will do all administration and marketing to allow you to focus on excellent service delivery. Service delivery is the backbone of your business’s growth. All prices are GST inclusive. The information on this website is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise.


A day in the life of a 1800 CLEANER