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1800 CLEANER invents the solution to the “dust-drop” effect

Live dust-free with 1800 CLEANER.

1800 CLEANER is a premium-quality cleaning company specialising in removing fine particle dust. Over the thirty-five years that we have been working in the business, we have refined our cleaning practices to the finest detail. We guarantee the removal of up to 97% of all household dust down to a microscopic size of 30 microns. This fact may not initially seem impressive, but when you consider that traditional cleaning methods aggravate dust and lead to what’s known as the “dust-drop” effect, where fine dust floats during and resettles again after traditional cleaning efforts are over; then you’ll begin to see why 1800 CLEANER is markedly different from conventional cleaning companies.

Why and how traditional cleaning aggravates dust.

Traditional cleaning methods tend to move fine dust around as the microscopic particles, pollens, tiny airborne contaminants, irritants, and impurities float when disturbed by; wind and through-drafts; dusting; wiping; or even simply walking around the house due to static electricity. Ironically even vacuum cleaners can cause these particles to flow into the air through their exhaust system. These contaminants can stay suspended in the air for up to five days. This makes it practically impossible to remove this dust with traditional cleaning methods. This ancient approach to cleaning produces what we have coined as the “dust-drop” effect.

What exactly is the “dust-drop” effect?

Great question. The static electricity and positive ionic charge created when you dust and clean cause these microscopic particles to float into the air, repelling one another. The dust then resettles again in the hours and days after the cleaning is completed, which is why so many cleaning companies can’t get on top of the dust despite regular cleaning. Incredibly, some cheap vacuum cleaners redistribute the particles they temporarily capture through the exhaust system, causing dust to resettle, especially on top of cupboards, ceiling fans, vents and blinds and under and behind furniture and clutter. This dust then “leaks out” again over time, frustrating future cleaning efforts.

1800 CLEANER have and is the solution.

1800 CLEANER uses a scientific method and system in conjunction with an extensive cleaning approach, synchronising with negative ionisers and HEPA Air Filters with every clean to specifically and dramatically reduce the “dust-drop” effect. The results are impressive, both visually and sensually. These machines run continuously alongside human effort, which causes the dust to cling and drop in combination with our cleaning methodology, which draws dust into the filters, trapping the dust whilst purifying the air. 1800 CLEANER also uses a powerful HEPA vacuum to vacuum all floors, stairs, carpets and under beds and furniture to ensure the microscopic dust, once fallen, stays captured.

Living dust-free starts with a 21-Point or a Mini-Spring clean.

A 21-Point or Mini-Spring clean is a crucial starting point for dust-free living. The 1800 CLEANER team are expert in deploying our scientific system. Our method effectively removes dust and allergens from all surfaces in your home. This includes ceilings, walls, ledges, blinds, landing surfaces, skirting boards, vents, fans and windowsills. We move your furniture to do the most thorough job conceivable, removing as much hidden dust as possible. Cutting corners and not doing an outstanding job every time is abhorrent to us. Our trained cleaners spend an entire day conducting the spring clean, intensively cleaning your home to the finest detail.
The first step is always the annual Spring-Clean. After that, a fortnightly clean using 1800 CLEANER produces a superior result than weekly cleaning with traditional methods can achieve. This system saves money on your annual cleaning costs. It also achieves a superior dust-free result, saving time and heartache, not to mention the innumerable health and energetic benefits that result.

Living dust-free maintained – The 12-Point regular clean.

Having eradicated 97% of your microscopic dust with our Spring-clean, we maintain your dust-free home with our regular cleans. 1800 CLEANER does this with the 12-Point regular clean – a systemised cleaning method that guarantees exceptional results with every clean. Again, negative ionisers and a HEPA filter are running continuously in conjunction with our scientifically developed cleaning method and human cleaning care.
There are 12 critical points that we complete with your 12-Point regular clean. This ensures your home maintains the impeccable high standards established with your Spring clean. Any additional jobs you want to be done get added to your job sheet, such as points 13, 14 etc. This ensures that all your cleaning needs get catalogued and met consistently over time, delivering you invaluable peace of mind.

Living dust-free is a magnificent way to live.




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