How 1800 CLEANER supports new mothers to reduce stress

How 1800 CLEANER supports new mothers to reduce stress.

There are multiple stresses associated with becoming a new mother. Most women who have had a child will tell you two things;

  • Nothing can prepare you for the depth of love you feel for your baby and
  • Nothing can prepare you for the changes and challenges of having a baby.

Adapting to the changes in all aspects of life can be difficult and, for some, seemingly insurmountable. Most new mothers feel stressed and, at times, completely overwhelmed by the competing demands of motherhood.

What’s common among new mothers is the stress of keeping up with the domestic chores and attending to the baby’s needs. The ease of shopping, washing and cleaning before the baby came along seems like a distant memory and, for many, a luxury.

Simply getting out of our pyjamas and drinking a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot can seem like a triumph. If we get a window of opportunity, we tend to do tasks in a mad rush, body tense and hard. Underlying is the fear that our baby will wake at any minute and interrupt that one chore we had set ourselves to complete for the day.

1800 CLEANER offers real and practical support. 

1800 CLEANER works hard to provide you with a regular cleaner, someone that you can build a trusting relationship with. Someone who will get to know your home and how best to clean it and support you and your family. When building our team, we hand-pick people who are not only honest, reliable and hardworking. We also painstakingly seek people who are naturally caring and considerate.

1800 CLEANER have impeccably high standards; all of our cleaners undergo a thorough and detailed four-week training period. This ensures that they are skilled in implementing the cleaning methods that 1800 CLEANER have refined over the last thirty years. Because of our exclusive cleaning methods, 1800 CLEANER are undoubtedly the leader in the field. We are the experts at dust-free living. This ensures your house stays cleaner for longer between visits from your cleaner, which is incredibly supportive.

Why traditional methods of cleaning don’t work.

The problem with traditional cleaning methods is that they aggravate fine dust, causing it to become airborne. Dusting, wiping and even vacuuming can cause these microscopic particles, pollens and tiny airborne contaminants, irritants and impurities to float and stay suspended in the air for up to five days, making it practically impossible to remove them with traditional cleaning methods.

1800 CLEANER has developed a solution.

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Our founder, Michael Sweet, is fanatical about dust.

As a result, Michael has developed a system of cleaning that eradicates 97% of all household dust down to a microscopic size. 1800 CLEANER uses an ioniser and HEPA-grade filters with every clean that we do. Once the dust settles and has been drawn into the filters, it can be successfully removed. Dust contains many nasty components, e.g., dust mites and their faeces, decomposing insects, bits of food, plastic and soil, mould fragments, garden soil, road and vehicle exhaust dust, dead skin cells etc. which is why it’s easy to see how reducing the amount of dust in your home also reduces the spread of germs and therefore the likelihood of illness and infections.

How it happens and how we support new mothers

Our customers start with a 21-Point Spring clean or a Mini-Spring clean; these intensive cleans set the foundation for our fortnightly 12-Point Regular clean. One of the benefits of the 12-Point Regular clean is that for a minimal fee, you can add specific jobs to the 12 points of cleaning, e.g., cleaning out the fridge, cleaning the stove, washing the fly screens etc., basically all of those jobs that it’s simply impossible to find time for. These get added as points 13, 14 etc. So, you are tailoring your job sheet to your precise ongoing needs.

Our living environment has a huge effect on how we feel. Living in a clean and orderly home reduces stress and anxiety; it supports us to feel deeply settled. Babies are super sensitive to the feelings of those around them, especially their primary attachment figure, mum. If we as mothers can feel settled in ourselves, this is a massive step towards supporting our babies to feel settled too.

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Michael Sweet, founder of 1800 CLEANER| WWW.1800CLEANER.COM.AU






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