Toxic mould at homes

Mould at home: why it appears and how to get rid of it

The humidity and mould inside a house can harm the health of the people living there. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for mould and moisture’s appearance, their adverse effects, and essential tips to combat their presence and harmful effects effectively.

Part of our job is to remove black stains that often appear in tile joints, bathroom wall and ceiling corners, glass surfaces, cracks, and other areas prone to accumulating these marks. Remember that mould is a common organic organism that is ubiquitous in nature. And so we can never entirely eliminate it. But we can manage its harmful effects.

Mould at home and the human immune system

The little microscopic mould spores affect our health and, in great numbers, overwhelm our immune systems. Our goal is not to obsessively eliminate every blemish in our homes that could be mould but to ensure we don’t have excessive amounts that can overwhelm our immune systems. It’s not really about complete mould eradication but rather mould management.

How is mould produced?

Many studies related to the subject try to clarify the reason for the appearance of mould inside houses. Among the most important are:

– Construction failures and poor-quality construction materials

– Home maintenance, broken amenities

– Inadequate ventilation and heating equipment

– Poor indoor air quality

– Behavior of the occupants inside the homes

– Climatic factors such as rain and humidity

– Rising damp

– Underground river systems

– Excessive rain

– Lack of direct sunlight

The high humidity in the Australian environment leads to excess condensation, which often results in the spread of mould. This is particularly common in bathrooms and on glass surfaces. We usually underestimate the potential health risks associated with mould. Out of sight is not out of the body, sadly, when it comes to microscopic and hence unseen toxins – both natural and inorganic. And these things we can’t see, in this case, microscopic mould spores, can harm us.

Australian houses are highly vulnerable to relative humidity for various reasons.

• Lack of natural ventilation in basements and ceilings.

• Opening windows to cool rooms on warm, humid days.

• Buildings not adequately sealed or mechanically ventilated.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many people spent more time indoors, leading to a more sedentary indoor lifestyle. As such, the quality of the indoor air is more crucial than ever.

Adverse health effects

Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, with one in nine Australians experiencing asthma symptoms. It has been proven that factors such as humidity, mould, dust mites, and poor indoor air quality can significantly impact health, leading to respiratory issues, allergies, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, rhino-conjunctivitis and other diseases in children and adults. Additionally, these factors can also contribute to depressive symptoms, sadness, and pain. Even more subtle but painful occurrences like headaches, fatigue, itchy eyes and runny noses can result from mould.

How to manage house mould

We acknowledge that climatic, structural, and mechanical factors are key determinants for spreading mould and dust mites at home, but the residents play a crucial role in preventing their proliferation. Diligent and mindful cleaning significantly reduces the presence of mould in homes. But special attention must be given to ensuring your vacuum cleaner can catch these tiny spores through its filter system, meaning a HEPA-grade vacuum cleaner at the least.

Below, we provide some tips for you to consider and implement when dealing with this issue in various areas:

– Regularly clean all areas of the home by vacuuming (HEPA grade), dusting, washing, and wiping exposed areas, with special attention given to bathrooms and kitchens.

– Use natural cleaning products and avoid bleach, as it does not directly kill all germs, allowing them to reappear. Also, the toxins in certain products can be as harmful as and even worse than the organic toxins we are trying to combat.

– Ensure sufficient light by opening curtains and blinds to let sunlight in.

– Keep the exhaust fan on in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements to eliminate steam.

– Use moisture absorbers in basements, closets, or areas without proper ventilation.

– Always keep your windows and cupboards clean and dry.

Keep in mind that leaks in pipes, especially in closed spaces, indoor plants that require regular watering, and fish tanks, can contribute to mould growth.

1800 CLEANER is a company that specializes in treating and eliminating mould in homes. Our highly trained team, equipped with special tools, is ready to help you combat mould in your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to transform your home into a mould-free environment, allowing you to live in a pleasant and healthy space. To live your life to the fullest.


What are the benefits of deep cleaning?

This article aims to inform homeowners about the benefits of deep cleaning for a healthier living environment and a more orderly and peaceful life.

Conducting a deep clean at least once a year is vitally important for the health of your home and mental well-being. A house that looks orderly and clean, with everything in its place, creates a nice image. However, all that glitters is not gold, and the surface appearance is not always what counts. Hidden dust can frustrate future cleaning efforts and make the home’s health and general vibe harder to live with.

Deep cleaning goes beyond conventional superficial surface cleaning. The ultimate objective is to eliminate fine dust particles and, in this way, transform your home into a dust-free environment. This approach generates multiple benefits for your health. Among them:

An imminent improvement in the quality of the air you breathe.

It is notable and palpable that our clients experience a feeling of freshness and renewal every time they enter their homes. This phenomenon is most pronounced after a deep cleaning service performed by 1800 CLEANER. We clean air conditioning filters, move furniture, and use ladders to remove hidden dust. This unseen dust hides in the most difficult-to-access spaces and leaks out. Our team follows a scientific method and an extensive cleaning approach, synchronised with the help of negative ions and HEPA Air Filters throughout the day. This approach allows us to remove up to 97% of micro-dust particles down to 30 microns in size. This is infinitesimally small and captures the excess of micro-particles, pollutants, allergens and irritants that bombard our immune systems in our homes and can exacerbate and even cause health issues.

Reduction of the spread of allergens and irritability.

Let’s consider a typical scenario: the dust we encounter daily is contaminated with dust mite fecal particles and cast skins. Insufficient hygiene and living with too much dust can lead to severe allergy symptoms, such as asthma, sneezing, and watery eyes. However, a professionally executed deep clean can eliminate a significant portion of this harmful dust, improving air quality and reducing these health issues. Imagine waking up without sneezing fits or being able to breathe easier due to cleaner air. These are the tangible benefits of deep cleaning.

A well done deep cleaning generates multiple benefits for your health.

Prevents the appearance and spread of mould.

Deep cleaning reduces moisture and organic matter that can contribute to the growth of mould and mildew and also draws more mould spores out of the environment. Addressing these issues regularly can prevent potential health hazards and maintain a healthier living environment.

Contributes to the order and revitalisation of spaces.

Through decluttering, environments are transformed into minimalist spaces with more potential for use and walkability. It also eases the mind to live in an orderly, clear space. The problem with clutter is that it allows dust to congregate, generates large clouds of indoor dust, and blocks spaces. After deep cleaning, the environment is transformed into an enjoyable, livable, fresh, and inviting space.

Enhanced mental well-being.

This is the aspect we are most passionate about. We want to underline the significant role deep cleaning can play in enhancing our quality of life. A well-organised home helps to ward off feelings of depression, distraction, and lethargy, and aids in establishing focus and improving concentration. Refreshed and rejuvenated spaces contribute to enhancing the quality of our activities within our home. The feeling of tranquillity and relaxation is unparalleled when the environment is conducive to good health, with transparent and open spaces in good, clean conditions.

Our service is backed by a team of highly trained professionals adept at delivering spectacular results using advanced and scientific cleaning methods and a cleaning process that took over 35 years to perfect. These are not empty promises but iron-clad guarantees. The team at 1800 CLEANER know how to transform your home into a clean, refreshed, and easy-to-maintain space through a deep spring clean with micro-dust extraction. We only use non-toxic products and the latest equipment to eliminate 97% of the dust surrounding you, leaving your home healthier and far more supportive of an orderly, peaceful and joyous life.

Article by Lucila Aidar of 1800 CLEANER




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How to live dust-free in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Living in a city with such a vibrant rhythm as Sydney, we sometimes neglect other aspects of our daily lives that are important to improving our quality of life, like having a healthy, dust-free home. At 1800 CLEANER, when we talk about dust-free cleaning challenges, we refer to small habits of order and cleanliness that can transform our quality of life.


1800 CLEANER understands the problem of how hard it is to remove fine particle dust well. Further, we know how to tackle those spaces in our homes that we may not pay enough attention to when cleaning ourselves. Therefore, these dirty corners become spaces that accumulate dust, clutter, and stagnant energy. After a considerable amount of time without cleaning and tidying these spaces, micro-biotoxins can accumulate and begin to cause damage to our health. This article details the adverse effects that can affect our health if we live in an unhealthy environment.

Top five dust-free cleaning challenges we must overcome to keep our homes impeccable all year round:


  • High-traffic areas:

The busiest spaces in houses, such as entrances, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, can collect significant amounts of dust, hair, and other particles that we bring in from the outside and the dust we can generate ourselves.

Our advice is to always try to keep these spaces tidy and clear, carry out regular dusting at least once a week, and vacuum to avoid the accumulation of hair, dust, and other particles that may settle there. Accept that much of the dust will float with traditional cleaning approaches. Therefore, consider closing all windows and doors and letting the dust settle before collecting it with a damp microfibre cloth. Then, after this, commence your cleaning routine.


  • Furniture

The furniture we have at home can provide challenges to our cleaning efforts. Under and behind furniture creates spaces that are very susceptible to the accumulation of dust. Places we use to store our clothes and shoes or those that we do not use regularly but serve as storage to store things that do not accompany us in everyday life present separate challenges. In a nutshell, the more stuff we have, the more places the dust can hide. So open and easy-to-clean spaces are essential.


Pay close attention to these spaces. Let’s always try to keep them organised in the most minimalist way possible and pay special attention to the high surfaces that are difficult to reach above, below and behind. Remember that the more minimalistic the spaces we live in, the better our ability to clean them regularly. With regular dusting and a microfiber cloth moistened with non-toxic cleaning products, we can reduce the accumulation of dust.

dust-free living

The challenges to living dust-free in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs by 1800 CLEANER

  • Mould and mildew in humid areas

Damp areas in the home, such as bathrooms and basements, especially if they do not have proper ventilation, are prone to mould and mildew growth. If we can’t achieve access to ventilation, let’s keep those areas as orderly as possible without excessive clutter accumulation. A dehumidifier can help extract excess air moisture, denuding these biotoxins of their sustenance and inhibiting their growth. Let’s pay special attention to regular cleaning with eco-friendly products.


  • Clutter accumulation

Keeping our belongings in order and in the right place is essential. The accumulation of objects and belongings on surfaces is not a good idea since, in this way, we tend to accumulate dust on them. These surfaces quickly turn ugly, and we avoid cleaning them well.

They end up generating a breeding ground for germs and micro-nasties that contribute to affecting our health. Let’s pay close attention to unnecessary objects like decorations and picture frames and ensure you can get behind the TVs and tidy router cables, dusting behind and under the furniture. These items make us hesitant to clean thoroughly, and there’s no point in having excessive decorations if they’re dirty and untidy. It defeats the purpose.


As a top dust-free cleaning challenge, let’s always try to have a house that is as minimalist as possible. Let’s reorganise the spaces and keep the things that are not helpful now in boxes. We can then archive them in a cool and safe place outside of the home. If this is impossible, put them in clear plastic stackable clutter boxes. These can then be stacked against a wall for easy moving and cleaning behind and above. In this way, we can have better control and clean more comfortably with the help of a duster, damp microfiber cloths and HEPA-grade vacuum.


  • Rugs and carpets cleaning

Many homes tend to have carpeted rooms. The use of rugs in rooms is also widespread. Our dust-free cleaning challenge promotes the idea that in bedrooms, try first to avoid having an excess of furniture pieces so they become inaccessible to be cleaned underneath and behind since, in general, these are the areas that accumulate the most hair, dirt, and dust. Let’s vacuum regularly in all corners of the room, under and behind the furniture and beds. We can move rugs, air them outside and vacuum them regularly.


Adopting these small, manageable habits can help with the unique challenges of cleaning at home. 1800 CLEANER is a residential cleaning company that has developed a distinctive and specialised cleaning technique with dedicated and trained cleaners and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that captures more physical debris and airborne dust, dramatically reducing microscopic contaminant levels in your home and workplace.



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Maintain a spotless home with the help of Sydney’s leading cleaning company

In today’s busy world, keeping a clean and healthy home can be tough. We’re all juggling work, family, and social life, which means house cleaning often gets pushed aside. It’s a common struggle: you want a neat and tidy home, but finding the time and energy for thorough cleaning is hard. The Sydney’s Leading Cleaning Company is here to take the first step towards a more relaxed and enjoyable home life.

Having a clean home is more than just about looking good. It’s a key part of staying healthy and feeling at peace. Your home is where you make memories, relax, and feel safe. But let’s be honest, deep cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, and with everything else going on, it’s not easy to fit it into a busy schedule.

That’s where professional cleaning services come in. They’re a big help for those of us with a lot on our plates. In Sydney, 1800 CLEANER is known for doing just this. We focus on turning your home into a spotless place where you can enjoy your time without worrying about cleaning chores. Our goal is to make your life easier, so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you.

The importance of using Sydney house cleaning services

The significance of professional cleaning extends far beyond mere aesthetic appeal; it is vital for maintaining both physical health and mental well-being. Homes are prone to the accumulation of dust, allergens, and bacteria, which can have detrimental effects on health, especially for individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions. Professional cleaning services offer a comprehensive approach to home cleanliness, addressing these concerns effectively.

  •  Health and Comfort

Professional cleaners go beyond surface-level tidiness. They employ deep cleaning techniques that target and eliminate harmful allergens and bacteria. This thorough cleaning is essential for creating a healthier living environment, particularly beneficial for homes with young children, elderly inhabitants, or people with sensitive health conditions.

  • Psychological Benefits

A clean and organised home environment has a profound impact on mental health. Clutter and disorder can contribute to stress and anxiety. In contrast, a professionally cleaned and well-maintained space promotes a sense of order and tranquillity, fostering a more peaceful and stress-free living environment.

  • Time-Saving and Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable resource. Professional cleaning saves significant time and effort that might otherwise be spent on cleaning tasks. With specialised skills and equipment, professional cleaners achieve more thorough and efficient cleaning results, freeing up personal time for work, leisure, and family activities.

Why choose 1800 CLEANER for Sydney house cleaning services?

At 1800 Cleaner, we are more than just a cleaning service; we are your partners in maintaining a healthy, clean home. Our team of skilled professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver impeccable results. We pride ourselves on our reliability, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, including:

Each service is carried out with the utmost professionalism and respect for your home and privacy.

Our cleaning process

Our cleaning process is meticulous and thorough. It involves:

  1. Initial Assessment: We start with an assessment of your space to identify specific cleaning needs.
  2. Customised Plan: Based on the assessment, we create a tailored cleaning plan.
  3. Deep Cleaning: Our team performs a deep clean, focusing on every corner, surface, and hidden area.
  4. Quality Check: After cleaning, we conduct a quality check to ensure every spot is sparkling.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and the latest technology to ensure a safe and effective clean.

Customer testimonials and success stories

Don’t just take our word for it; our satisfied customers speak volumes about our services. From busy professionals to families, our clients appreciate the difference 1800 CLEANER makes in their lives.

Client Testimonial Trevor.D

Our beloved clients dazzled every time we visit their homes

Customised cleaning plans

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer customised cleaning plans. Whether you need a weekly cleaning service or a one-off deep clean, we have a plan that suits your schedule and specific needs. Our flexible services are designed to work around your lifestyle.

Commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service. Our cleaners are not only experienced but also continuously trained in the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols. We aim to exceed your expectations with every clean.

Health and safety protocols

Health and safety are at the forefront of our services. Our team follows strict protocols, ensuring that every cleaning session is conducted with the highest standards of hygiene and care. We use safe, non-toxic cleaning agents and practise all recommended safety measures.

How to book a cleaning service

Booking with 1800 CLEANER is easy and convenient. Just visit our website or give us a call, and our friendly customer service team will guide you through the process. We offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.


1800 CLEANER team


When you choose 1800 CLEANER, you’re choosing a lifestyle of ease, cleanliness, and well-being. Our team is not just about cleaning; we’re about making your life simpler and healthier. We understand that every home and every person is different, which is why we offer customised cleaning plans. Whether you need a regular tidy-up or a deep clean, we’re here to cater to your specific needs with our skilled professionals.

Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. We’re not just another cleaning service; we’re a team that cares about the details and quality of our work. We use the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure that your home is not just clean, but also safe and welcoming.

We believe that a clean home is the foundation of a happy life. It’s about creating a space where you can relax, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is taken care of. Our goal is to free up your time so that you can focus on what truly matters to you, whether that’s pursuing hobbies, spending time with family, or just relaxing.

At 1800 CLEANER, we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional cleaning experience that goes beyond just a service. We’re about building relationships with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering results that exceed expectations. So, for a home that’s cleaner, healthier, and happier, let 1800 CLEANER be your choice. Contact us today, and take the first step towards a more relaxed and enjoyable home life.


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1800 CLEANER Sydney Dust free Living 101 Dusting

Dusty places at home worth paying attention to

Our home is our refuge, our temple. It is where we sleep, eat, love, wash, and share with our friends, and for many these days, where we work. But we need to realize that a significant amount of hidden dust is found in hidden places that we generally don’t see or pay much attention to. And that dust “leaks out” into the living environment, causing a host of issues. Dust is harmful to our general health and mental well-being. Only expert dust-focused cleaners like 1800 CLEANER list and focus on those spots we must consider when cleaning this hidden dust that cannot be readily seen. You can fix your dusty home by paying attention to the list we outline below.

  • Clean your Airconditioning filters

Air conditioners are generally hung on the walls; we must always remember to clean them and the dust that accumulates above and inside of them. This dust is impossible to detect from ground level. But the most important thing to consider is that the filters inside them are the number one dust collectors in your home, and it is essential to keep them clean and clean them regularly. They are metaphorically the lungs of your home.

  • Clean and dust ceiling fans

One of the most significant dust accumulators is the ceiling fans. With the help of the ladder, let’s clean each of its fins well. Remember that if you’ve never cleaned them, using the duster is not enough: using a damp microfiber cloth and a multipurpose product to remove the gunk stuck to their edges is key. Warm water and a scourer work best for really stubborn stains.

  • Clean and dust lamp shades

With a damp microfiber cloth and a multipurpose product, let’s clean our lamp shades well to keep them dust-free. Start with dusting, lightly at first, then progress to a proper moist microfibre wipedown.

  • Clean and dust bookshelves

Our libraries are an accumulation of books and objects stored for ages. How to clean away this annoying dust? Also, clean the sides, top, and back of your bookshelves with a damp microfiber cloth – this one is time-consuming but oh-so-satisfying.

  • Remove the dust from your frames: all of them

The frames of artwork, windows, beds, and doors are great dust receivers and go unnoticed. After using our duster, with a damp cloth, let’s clean that old dust that remains stuck on these intricate landing surfaces. They will look much brighter and more beautiful.

  • Skirting boards.

Skirting boards are permanent dust collectors and are a major eyesore in a dusty home. Let’s use our dusters regularly to keep them clean and intermittently a deeper clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Make sure to clean the dust under your bed

Sometimes, we use the space under our beds to store boxes, suitcases, or anything we like but rarely use. Considering that our room is a space for daily use, this space becomes the perfect place to accumulate lint and dust. The problem is that it accumulates in significant quantities under there, and we don’t see it. Really go after this dust as it lives so close to where you sleep and is harmful to your health. Use your duster to agitate that hidden dust and then, with your HEPA vacuum, remove it from your sight and sinuses.

  • Carpets and rugs

Our dusty home gets dustier even quicker if we have a pet. Use your vacuum regularly and vacuum your carpet from end to end, especially in corners and edges, which are the areas where the most significant dust deposits occur. And go in two different directions to agitate the pile.

  • Top of the fridge

Some surfaces are difficult to reach, and the space where we put dishes and other kitchen objects is crucial – above the fridge. Get on a chair and clean the top of your fridge with a damp microfiber cloth and a multipurpose product. Clean the sides and underneath with your duster, shaking the dust and then collecting it with your vacuum.

  • Indoor plants

We love plants; they give life to any space where we place them, but remember that their leaves (full of pores), huge ones, are dust receptors. With a damp cloth, let’s clean its upper and lower parts.

  • Clean your blinds and curtains.

When you shake your curtains, you will be impressed by how much dust they accumulate. Please do this weekly to avoid dust accumulation on its entire surface. If, instead, we use blinds, we use our duster and then clean the dust with a microfiber cloth on all our blinds and their frames.

The tips described are a great help, but remember that a specialized dust cleaner with the proper equipment will know how to solve this issue most efficiently. Enjoy your dust-free life.



1800 CLEANER - Where cleaning meets science

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COVID-19 cleaning tips from the experts

Cleaning tips during COVID-19

As a cleaning company, we have witnessed an increase in customers requesting help with cleaning advice due to the coronavirus. We can help some customers directly by providing a cleaning service for their needs; others are simply seeking guidance in these unprecedented times.

The first thing to say is that whilst ensuring your living environment is pristine and healthy is prudent, we live in a world of germs and bacteria, and it is impossible to live without them. In fact, modern man has evolved to be his and her magnificent self because of the microscopic arms race we have faced from time immemorial, even before we crawled out of the primordial swamp. We have grown strong as a species not by avoiding danger entirely but by learning to deal with and live with it. Our immune systems are our most potent defence against microscopic invaders of all types, including the virus that has the world so enthralled at this unprecedented time – Covid 19.

The advice that follows will help keep your home and work environment clean and healthy. We also give you some thoughts on how to protect your immune system so that if the virus does come your way, you’re in the best shape to deal with it. Indeed, prevention is better than cure, so let’s start here.

Cleaning for Covid-19

If you use a professional cleaning service, the first thing to consider is avoiding cross-contamination. That means you need to ensure your cleaners bring fresh cloths and cleaning materials into your home every time they clean. You do not want them using the same mop on your kitchen floors as they used on the neighbours’ bathroom tiles. Those shaggy mops are the worst. The same goes for the cleaning cloths they use. Some services use the same microfibre cleaning cloths all day long from one client’s home to the next, and you need to use an eagle eye to watch out for this.

De-cluttering and Organising Cleaning Service Sydney

No need to complicate things. Keep it simple.

What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning means physically removing germs (viruses and bacteria), grime, dirt, body fats, etc., from surfaces. This involves using a detergent and water solution. Typically, you would be using a surfactant that breaks up grease and oil with water. It is far preferable to use a non-toxic product, such as a quality citrus-acid-based product like the one we use, ecoLove. This process will largely remove the germs and bacteria in this gunk.

Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. If you are cleaning yourself, the first move is to get everything clean of surface grease and grime. This means using a surface detergent-based cleaning product (as described above) to cut down and break up oil and grease. Then, when you have the surface in good condition, you can use a disinfectant.

Disinfectants kill germs, but it is not always possible to remove every germ.

The former (surfactant) can be toxin-free, but in most cases, the disinfectant will contain alcohol, bleach, and/or quaternary compounds. It’s important to dilute these products as per the instructions and to wear a face mask and gloves when using them. We also advise washing the surface again with clean water and wiping it dry to ensure you don’t leave excessive toxins behind. Make certain to wash your hands thoroughly after use as well.

What should I be disinfecting?

Any surfaces that are touched frequently should be disinfected. These will include tabletops, door handles, light switches, desktops, keyboards, TV remotes, kitchen surfaces, kitchen handles, etc. Any surfaces that visually look particularly soiled should be cleaned first and disinfected second. Those things that multiple people use should be paid close attention to, such as EFTPOS machines, shopping trolleys, toilet door handles, etc. Additionally, surfaces should be dry-wiped, including when you mop the floors. Excessive water will spread germs and viruses through water droplets and be a slip-and-fall hazard. We use flat, replaceable microfibre mop heads to achieve this. We always dry the floor with a fresh, dry microfibre mop head after it has been washed with warm water.

How our bodies can fight Covid-19


Cleaners with good energy are a boon, and once you’ve found one, treat them well

Numerous factors impact our immune system, and we should look deeply into these and understand the power of our bodies to protect our beings. The first thing is to acknowledge the role of fear and to avoid it. Truly, there is nothing to fear but the fear of fear itself. Unfortunately, the media pumps up the fear to sell more advertising. It’s a good idea to be conscious of this and to work on ways to counter it. One idea is to try to be aware of the increased levels of anxiety you experience when watching certain programmes on TV and maybe try to avoid these.

Above, we outlined how to clean your house. For specific cleaning techniques, you can view the videos on our website here: and read the specific articles provided on our site as well. Hopefully, you’ll leave with more than just cleaning knowledge and advice.

As our company celebrates its 38,000th odd clean, one of the most remarkable things we have witnessed throughout this time is how rarely our cleaners get sick. Daily exposure to all the indoor nasties that live in our clients’ homes seems to increase the power of our cleaners’ immune systems, specifically their antibodies, which rise to the challenge. We appreciate the importance of cleaning during this plandemic but want to assure people that everything will be alright. Your body is an amazing and miraculous marvel. Just as we do everything we can each flu season to avoid the cold and flu, we should also take precautions here. Mankind has survived all types of things throughout our long, meandering history, and in the context of these current times, this latest epoch is something we can handle.

How big is the Coronavirus?

When it comes to the coronavirus specifically, this is what the Encyclopaedia Brittanica has to teach us;

Most viruses vary in diameter from 20 nanometres (nm; 0.0000008 inch) to 250–400 nm; the largest, however, measure about 500 nm in diameter and are about 700–1,000 nm long. Only the largest and most complex viruses can be seen under the light microscope at the highest resolution.

To say that these things are tiny is an understatement. This particular virus is purported to be anywhere from 60 to 140nm in size. That’s intensely small, so completely avoiding such a tiny thing with a face mask is not possible. A mask will offer protection from direct contact with water droplets carrying any virus. It’s reasonable to expect that these commonly used masks won’t stop the penetration of such a small virus once it is airborne.

Our experiences with face masks

Our cleaners have used these masks for years whenever we clean excessively dusty homes to avoid the thick clouds of dust and pollutants we disturb from entering our systems. They work for this goal mainly, but we still feel the effects of the really tiny particles that make their way past the masks when we clean. Sometimes, we can feel the effects for hours afterwards as our bodies expel the inhaled nasties. With a big healthy meal and a good night’s sleep, we usually are fighting fit again the next morning. Our cleaners are exposed to more contaminants regularly than the average person. As a result, our immune systems are perpetually ready for action.

The best thing the average householder can do is to keep their home clean and dust-free and to specifically disinfect common touch-points in the home and learn everything there is to know about supporting your immune system. You need a plan to deal with the dust, and the articles here will help:

Simple steps to boost our immune system


Always look on the bright side of life, get a good night’s sleep and take good care of yourself

High temperatures and particularly ultraviolet light seem useful in killing the virus.

Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. These also boost our immune systems. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fresh water. Try to avoid anything negative or of a scary nature. The fear can have a negative impact on our stress hormone levels, our ability to sleep and again on our immune systems. It seems lots of hugs are good for boosting our immune systems, but use your discretion with that. We advocate for the removal of excessive dust from your home. We also believe that using negative ions can positively impact your health, so getting an ioniser and antibacterial air filter is a good idea. Regular washing of our hands has always been and will always be a great idea.

Always look for the silver lining

Boosting the immune system is not rocket science. It is actually timeless logic that our grandparents and forebears often lived instinctively by. Hopefully, they tried to teach us this wisdom before this modern age of mass media consumption. Go to bed nice and early. Exercise, even just a little each day. Eat good food. Drink water. Avoid sugar and alcohol. Take a bath if you can. Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for caring for. Choose to be around positive people and energies, and avoid negative energies.

De-clutter to make your house a haven. Some things are outside of our control, and some things we can control. Let’s focus our energy on only those things we can control, and chief amongst them are cleaning and our immune systems.

Michael Sweet founded 1800 CLEANER and has been cleaning professionally for over 35 years.