Son with dust allergy - Client case study, Cindy. Double Bay.

“Son with dust allergy”. Customer case study, Cindy – Double Bay.

When we arrived at the home, we saw it was neat, orderly, tidy, and ostensibly clean. Yet we could feel that it was dusty and, upon closer inspection, found hidden dust in all the usual places. The client was lovely and was concerned because her Asthmatic son could not live there. His allergic reactions would flare up when he came to the newly renovated home. They would get to the point that he had trouble breathing. This was unbelievably scary for the family, and we were determined to help the situation as we had seen this before.

Children suffering from dust allergies are something we care deeply about, and most importantly, it’s something we can help with. And so we went to work.

Fine builder’s dust was the cause

The dust in this house was the fine builder’s dust created whenever a client has building works conducted. It can originate from various sources; in this case, it was the fine dust created from the sanding that accompanies woodwork and painting specifically. It’s so fine and tiny, microscopic that the very act of cleaning will disturb it and send it airborne for up to five days. Even more worrying is that the fine dust captured by the average vacuum cleaner can be so fine that it can escape again by the exhaust system, where it goes airborne and can exacerbate asthma and allergic reactions in the family in the home. So you not only never get rid of it, you make a dust fog that harms the health of the people that live there. 

Cindy was so appreciative she left us a five-star Google review, as you can see above.

We do this work for a living, but helping people like this feels more like a calling. To leave a lasting impression and to do a good deed makes this job more than work. It feels like a profession with a purpose. And we look forward to helping many other children and their parents breathe easier in the days ahead too.