1800 CLEANER has provided professional house cleaners Croydon loves and trusts for decades. With over 70,000 cleans completed and experience spanning over 35 years, we are the premier Croydon cleaners. When you engage with 1800 CLEANER, you enjoy many benefits that go way beyond traditional cleaning. Chief amongst these is a dust-free house. A house that is dust-free accentuates your life in ways that can’t be imagined. They can only be experienced.

Moreover, describing a dust-free life to you is impossible with mere words alone. In the attempt, perhaps a customer quote can come closest.

“It feels like a new home”


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And so, why did the above client exclaim such an unlikely phrase after our 21-Point clean?  The reason is that the home’s imperceptible “dust fog” had been removed. Altogether, The combination of having all the dirt and grime removed from the house and furniture and all the microscopic particle dust gone explains it all.

So did you ever hear about those families in Nepal who lived close to the Himalayas and saw the mountains from their homes for the first time during the Covid lockdowns? Finally, with the city traffic halted and the air clear of smog, they could see what had always been there behind that imperceptible dust fog they had grown accustomed to. In conclusion, this is what you, too, have to look forward to when you make the call to 1800 CLEANER.