Eco Love Products

3 Non-Toxic products to clean your entire home.

We were so dissatisfied with the efficacy of the Non-Toxic cleaning products on the market that we went into the lab and created our own.

Cleaning your entire home with just 3 non-toxic cleaning products at a fraction of the cost of the supermarket brands is now as easy as A,B,C. By buying in concentrate, not only do you save money, you also save energy, time and create far less waste. Even more importantly non-toxic cleaning products are safer for your family and the environment. It took us 10 years to get these products to the point that we can provide them for sale after being asked to do so by our clients over the years. As a cleaning company owner I just could not find a non-toxic product that worked and was forced to develop my own. I am so sure you’ll love these products that we offer a no questions asked 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back including postage and handling. Try them, we know you’ll love them.

  • All Purpose

    $43.50(5 litrers)

    The perfect all rounder
    All Natural Citrus Acid

  • Bathrooms

    $47.85(5 litrers)

    Built in Mould Inhibitor
    Special Cluggy Formula

  • Clear Windows

    $49.20(5 litrers)

    With a Special Anti-Static

  • $197(25 litrers)

    Buy in Bulk and Save

  • $211(25 litrers)

    Cleans 1,000 Bathrooms

  • $223(25 litrers)

    Will clean a Skyscraper

  • Three Pack

    $138(3 X 5litres)

    Buy all three together and
    save more than $

You’ll love these all natural, non-toxic cleaning products and you’ll love the story behind them. The owner of 1800 CLEANER was determined not to use mainstream cleaning products and had a sense about the harmful impact on his clients’ children and their immature immune systems. So he went into the lab and got busy.

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