Lewisham cleaners who love your pets too

Lewisham cleaners with integrity are a call away

1800 CLEANER thoroughly trains its professional team of Lewisham cleaners to remove fine particle dust. We pride ourselves on our extensive 35-year history specialising in cleaning homes incredibly well with expert house cleaners you can trust. So if you’ve been dreaming of Lewisham cleaners you can build a solid relationship with, we’re here to help. The result is a spectacularly clean and dust-free home environment. It is a beautiful thing to come home to a dust-free home. And our approach provides numerous health benefits as well.

Moreover, many of our Lewisham cleaning customers love pets, just as our team of Lewisham cleaners do. The microorganisms and pet dander that result can combine with a host of micro irritants in the house that, over time, start to reach toxic levels. As a result, these can start to overwhelm the human immune system. Consequently, a number of symptoms may begin to persist in our indoor environment.

Sadly, traditional cleaning methods do not capture all of these microscopic particles. And, we train our Lewisham cleaners to know, these old ways of cleaning send the majority of the dust airborne. These are invisible to the naked human eye and tend to float for up to five days only to resettle again. Moreover, that’s the primary and largely unknown reason that people get so frustrated with cleaning. Because so much of it is so ineffective. Thankfully, our Lewisham cleaners are trained to remove it.

There has to be a better way, and we’ve developed it

Finally, Lewisham cleaners from 1800 CLEANER come armed with dust extraction technology and methods that remove up to 97% of fine particle dust down to 30 microns in size. And that’s not a promise; it’s a guarantee. Breathe easy and call 1800 CLEANER.