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South Coogee cleaners of distinction are a call away

Here’s the origin story of how the greatest South Coogee cleaners were born. It was 1986 when Michael Sweet started his first cleaning run in the leafy streets of Beecroft. He went knocking on doors and offering to clean cars for $5 each.

After building and selling this cleaning run to another Sydney cleaner, he returned to the industry years later. This time he was armed with some new ideas, a scientific approach, and an unforgettable phone number.

“It all started when I was trying to get my family home completely dust-free for the arrival of our first baby girl. I bought an expensive vacuum cleaner, all the latest products, and followed all instructions. No matter what I did, the dust returned within days. I tried everything. The “dust-drop effect” continued and started to consume me.”

The happiest South Coogee cleaners make the best South Coogee cleaners

The pre-eminent South Coogee cleaners that local residents trust.
he wisest choice for home cleaning services is 1800 CLEANER

1800 CLEANER specialises in cleaning Sydney homes with a comprehensive range of cleaning services. These services are professional, precise, and guaranteed for quality, hygiene, and consistency. We are the pre-eminent Sydney cleaners with a scientific approach. These intelligent cleaning methods combined with state-of-the-art equipment and a diligent, hard-working team of local professionals deliver an outstanding result. Our services consistently deliver a dust-free indoor environment. Our Sydney cleaning customers enjoy dust-free living and health and lifestyle benefits that are difficult to describe with mere words; they need to be experienced to be truly understood.

Moreover, you can trust our Australian family-run business, and with over 30 Years of experience servicing Sydney customers, you can rely on us. Our Sydney cleaners are hand chosen and trained by our founder for qualities of precision and excellence that are way above the industry norm.

We pride ourselves on the virtues of integrity, respect, honesty, intelligence, kindness, and good old-fashioned hard work.

South Coogee cleaners of renown can transform your beloved home into a haven

1800 CLEANER understands your time is valuable, and you need a reliable and experienced team to get the job done right, first time, every time. Althogether, you require minimal disruption to your time or routine. That’s what we do and it’s not just what we promise; it’s a guarantee.

Additionally, we bring our vast experience, solid and trusted expertise, and sensitivity to your cleaning needs to every job. That applies to every single one of our Sydney cleaners. We also bring innovative cleaning systems, premium products, and intelligent cleaning solutions. Read more…

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The 1800 CLEANER team prides itself on its solid and reliable reputation throughout Sydney.

Day by day, client by client, year by year, one job at a time, our Sydney cleaners have worked hard to get us to where we are.

We are proud of our achievements and are committed to delivering first-class service and a truly exceptional customer experience every day on every job. We are a good and honest group of people, and if you too are a kind person, we’re your kind of company. Our Sydney cleaners are amongst the industry’s best.

To start living without dust in your life, contact us today for a free quote. The 1800 CLEANER team is ready and waiting to attend to all your cleaning needs.

Why choose our cleaning company?

There are many good reasons to trust our Sydney cleaners to take care of the cleaning.

Finally, our innovative cleaning system, dedicated workers, environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment capture more physical debris and airborne dust, dramatically reducing microscopic contaminant levels in your home and workplace. Our Sydney cleaners are trained thoroughly in these methods and systems. In conclusion, the result is a spectacularly cleaner indoor environment that is a pleasure to live and work in and easier to keep clean.