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Sydenham cleaners you can trust are waiting for your call. 1800 CLEANER love to take great care of you and your family home. Best of all, we get rid of fine particle dust with our extraordinary spring cleans. Once completed, you can then enjoy our regular 12-point service on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Choose from any of our comprehensive range of services.

1800 CLEANER has a friendly and reliable team of Sydenham cleaners ready to make your life a whole lot easier with just one phone call to 1800 CLEANER.

1800 CLEANER Dusting

When you engage with 1800 CLEANER, you can be assured of a high quality service and cleaners you can trust. We exclusively use non-toxic products and are the experts in fine particle dust extraction with every clean. There is no service quite like 1800 CLEANER. Our scientific approach to developing cleaning systems and methods that leave your house spectacularly clean. If you are a discerning person, we are the Sydenham cleaners you’ve been searching for.

You’re going to love us

Further, 1800 CLEANER takes great care to recruit and train great people to make them amongst the most productive and amazing Sydneyham cleaners in the industry. When you live in a dust-free environment, not only does your home feel amazing, but you spend less time and resources worrying about cleaning. Amazingly, your home stays cleaner for longer too. And it requires less frequent cleaning, and when it does, it’s quicker. Sydenham cleaners from 1800 CLEANER can achieve a superior result on a fortnightly basis than traditional cleaners can achieve weekly. And that’s all due to our unique dust extraction technology.

These are not hollow promises but are iron-clad guarantees. All of our services carry a 24-hour guarantee. And that gives you something priceless when you engage with our Sydenham cleaners. Peace of mind.

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