Dover Heights cleaners of the highest calibre are only a call away.

1800 CLEANER is an extraordinary cleaning company. From the ground up, it builds on science. Every time the company encounters an opportunity for improvement, they study and hypothesise to find a better way. And this is of immeasurable benefit to the cleaners Dover Heights customers have come to love, like Anonella pictured below.


IMG 7490


Further, this scientific approach has culminated in the development of a residential cleaning system that eliminates up to 97% of fine particle dust down to a microscopic size of 30 microns. You’re welcome to delve deeper into the details articulated throughout this site. Still, this means that 1800 CLEANER Dover Heights can achieve superior results with a fortnightly service than anyone else can with a weekly service. The secret is our Spring-Clean. 

You see, without us knowing it, the microscopic dust is disturbed and sent airborne when we clean. Because we can’t see individuated particle dust, we don’t give it a thought. There it stays suspended, occasionally twinkling in a sunlight shaft, to resettle again when the cleaning is finished. And then it migrates again. Then we clean again, and so on. Unbeknownst even to the smartest of us Dover Heights cleaners, much of our cleaning energy and budget goes into recirculating the very fine particle dust repeatedly. People then naturally assume that new dust is entering from outside. By our estimates, it comprises up to 95% of the same fine dust that recirculates every time you clean with traditional methods.

There has to be a better way, and there is. The cleaners Dover Heights loves have a solution to the dust-drop effect.