Birchgrove is a beautiful suburb, and we would love to become your cleaners. 1800 CLEANER specialises in cleaning houses and cleaning them well. We have developed a scientific cleaning system that removes fine particle dust from your home. The result is a spectacularly clean indoor environment that is easier to maintain and stays cleaner between visits as well. Our Birchgrove cleaners are simply the best.

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Just one phone call to 1800 CLEANER will ensure that your trusted Birchgrove cleaners will be on their way. The first clean will be one of our amazing Spring cleans. Once our Birchgrove cleaners have established a clean and dust-free base, our regular Birchgrove cleaners will keep it that way. We can arrange a weekly or fortnightly visit, depending on your particular needs.

Our scientific cleaning system ensures the elimination of the dust-drop effect so that a fortnightly visit from 1800 CLEANER is superior to a weekly visit from anyone else.

Birchgrove cleaners who specialise in dealing with the dust

This is due to our approach, which eliminates up to 97% of the fine particle dust down to 30 microns in size on that crucial first spring clean. Once the dust no longer “leaks out” of the hidden corners of your home, you find far less dust settling. This means that when your regular Birchgrove cleaners visit for your regular service, it’s easier to maintain. A house that is cleaned well once stays cleaner for longer and is easier to maintain.

1800 CLEANER are dedicated to delighting our clients, and we invite you to join us. We would love to treat your Birchgrove home like a haven and make coming home again a rejuvenating and recharging experience for you.

In conclusion, 1800 CLEANER invites you to let us take care of the cleaning with Birchgrove cleaners par excellence. This allows you to enjoy the most precious things in life. Free time.