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A 10-step guide to spring cleaning your Inner West Sydney home

Spring is the perfect time to declutter, clean, organise and refresh your Inner West Sydney apartment. With winter waning and warmer weather on its way, it’s time to say farewell to the winter blues. And with an Aussie summer just weeks away, now is the perfect time to welcome a clean and rejuvenated living space into your world. Follow this step-by-step guide made by the best Inner West Sydney cleaners to make your spring cleaning process effective, efficient and possibly even enjoyable.


Step 1: Set a clear plan and goals

Highly recommend having a clear plan and setting goals for your spring clean before diving in. What do you want to achieve?

Firstly, assess each room in your apartment and determine the areas that need the most attention. Define your objectives: deep cleaning, decluttering, becoming a minimalist, or all. A little planning can save a lot of time in wasted cleaning effort when undertaking your spring clean.

Since most inner west Sydney apartments have limited space, consider which room you can sacrifice as a storage space. This enables you to have a minimalist approach with the rest of your inner west apartment.

To keep your storage neat and tidy, use clear plastic boxes and sort them by themes. This way, your storage space will be clean, organised, and easy to take care of. That way, you can delve into the details later and take it one box at a time when you have the time and energy.


Step 2: Declutter and donate

Start by decluttering each room one by one. Sort items into categories: keep, donate, look-at-later, or dispose of. Identify things you no longer need or use and set them aside for donation. Decluttering reduces visual clutter and creates a sense of order, spaciousness and peace.


Step 3: Dust and clean from top to bottom

Dust loves to float and accumulates in hard-to-reach places, so start by dusting vigorously from top to bottom. Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and bookshelves need special attention, as does under the bed and in the hidden corners. Allow the dust a little time to settle before returning later to wipe everything down.

To collect more dust in your apartment, especially in the inner west, use a damp cloth. When you wipe dust with a dry cloth during spring cleaning, it tends to float. Dust tends to float when you wipe it with a dry cloth during spring cleaning.

Work your way down, cleaning surfaces, windows, and mirrors – clean door frames, baseboards, and skirting boards. Don’t forget to clean and vacuum under furniture after moving it, as dust can hide in these ignored areas.


Step 4: Deep spring clean kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are typically high-traffic areas and require extra attention. To remove more bacteria and impurities, it is better to wash and scrub bathrooms and kitchens with warm water rather than dry-wiping them. And they look and smell much better afterwards as well.

In the kitchen, deep-clean appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, and microwave. Scrub down countertops, sinks, and tiles. Pay special attention to the bathroom, disinfecting the toilet, bathtub, and shower area.


Step 5: Refresh fabrics and soft furnishings

Wash or dry clean your curtains, drapes, and bedding. Vacuum and refresh upholstery and cushions.

To refresh your cushions and upholstery, remove the covers and wash them. Then, dry them in the sun for a fresh feeling. Rearrange furniture and add new decorations to freshen up your inner west apartment during spring cleaning.


Step 6: Organise and maximise storage space

Assess your storage needs and maximise space in your inner west apartment during your spring clean. Buy storage items like shelves, baskets, and organisers. Stack them against a wall and sort through them later.

In that way, clutter does not impede your progress, as you can pour it into the clutter boxes to deal with later. Dispose of unnecessary items and designate a specific place for everything you own in broad categories.


Step 7: Clean floors and carpets

Give your floors and carpets a deep clean with a powerful HEPA-grade vacuum cleaner. Wash your floors with hot water and a microfiber mop. Consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned to remove deep-seated dirt and stains.


Step 8: Embrace green cleaning products

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever and whenever you can. Chemical-free alternatives are safer for you, your family, your pets, and the environment. You can use household items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon as effective and natural cleaning solutions. At the least, avoid highly toxic products.


Step 9: Establish cleaning routines

Plan out a cleaning routine that suits your lifestyle to maintain a clean and organised living space. Schedule specific times each week for cleaning tasks that align with your energy levels and motivation. Keep your apartment clean and organised all year round for a peaceful and calm living environment.


Step 10: Reward yourself

After completing your spring clean in your inner west apartment, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Treat yourself to a day out, relax with a book, get a massage, take a bath or nap in your newly refreshed living space. You deserve it.

You can make cleaning your apartment in inner west Sydney easier and more enjoyable by following these steps. Declutter, clean, and organise to create a tidy, peaceful home that you’ll enjoy returning to. Begin the season well and experience the advantages of a lovely, neat, and well-arranged flat in the inner west.


Spring cleaning your Inner West Sydney apartment may seem daunting, but following these steps can make the process both efficient and enjoyable. By decluttering, deep cleaning, and organising, you’ll create a clean, orderly and rejuvenating living space you’ll love coming home to. Start the season on the right foot and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, tidy and organised inner west apartment.



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