Recommendations for Coronavirus

1800 CLEANER recommendations regarding the Coronavirus

Taking care of ourselves, our homes and our loved ones.

As Australia descends into lockdown following the precedents set by many other countries around the world, it’s important to keep our cool and take good care of ourselves. These cleaning recommendations are for you.

So how can we boost our immune system?

Before exploring the many ways we can boost our immune system, we need to eliminate, as best we can, those things that are harmful to our bodies and that negatively impact our resilience to microscopic viruses.

We spend most of our time in our homes, and now we will be spending extended periods there. So, the first step is to make our homes as healthy as possible, and this means removing the dust, contaminants, and impurities that have accumulated for many years.

This article will guide you in doing this. It will explain how those things we can’t see can hurt us.

These viruses are so small that no filtration system can confidently capture them. But the other stuff in dust compromises our immune system, and that is the point here: to get our home and our bodies so healthy that our immune system is more effective in fighting against anything that comes our way, during this time or the next one, come what may.

To see what we mean here and to see the fine dust that you need to reduce as per the above article, click here

The next step is disinfectant.

It’s important to note that we need to use a non-toxic approach here when considering these cleaning recommendations. This is because just going and splashing bleach around and/or other unknown toxic products can be counterintuitive. The toxins contained in these products can have a negative impact on our immune system.

In fact, now’s the time to throw out any product with an ingredient you can’t pronounce. Choose only non-toxic disinfectants and focus on the areas of the home that receive the most contact, especially the door handles, cupboards, taps, basins, and toilets. Use warm water liberally with a scourer, and scrub rather than dry wipe. Wash your hands regularly and liberally.

The next issue is stress.

People can talk black and blue about not being stressed, but we need to go back to sound timeless logic. Go to bed nice and early. There is no excitement from TV or social media in the lead-up to bedtime. Exercise. Eat good food. Drink loads of water. Avoid sugar and alcohol. Take a bath if you can. Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for caring for. Choose to be around and/or engage with positive people. Avoid negative energies. This time can be a catalyst for an amazing change of pace and lifestyle.

If we are confined to the inside of our homes for any period of time, let’s make the most of it. Let’s prepare the house as a haven that makes us feel good. There are things outside our control and those we can control. To waste energy on those things we can’t control will actually impact those things we can. Discerning the difference right now is the key.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any specific questions or require more information, please contact us.

Thanks for reading, and please share.

Michael Sweet.

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