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3 home health benefits to carpet cleaning

Home or office cleaning is not the favourite weekend activity for many Sydneysiders. They would rather have professional Sydney home cleaners take care of their cleaning needs. For beauty and comfort in the home, one of the most overlooked, yet important things is the carpet.

The carpet adds a layer of comfort and beauty to the home while also taking in and holding a large amount of dirt and dust. This accumulates on a daily basis. It is capable of affecting the health of family, leading to serious allergies and more.

Carpet cleaning at home or the business place presents users with a lot of benefits. Including, improved quality of life, reduced health risks, improved appearance and beautification. Proper cleaning of the carpet can improve the lifespan and durability of the material.  As such, there is the need to properly clean the carpets in the home the right way and extensively too.

The American Lung Association reports that members of the household are prone to suffer conditions which affect their breathing. Such as asthma, snoring and more. This occurs when carpets and other dust harboring materials requiring are not attended to at least three times a week.

Beyond regular vacuuming of the carpet, you should have a pro clean them at least once a year.

As a homeowner who isn’t fully convinced of the benefits of cleaning your carpets, below are some things to consider. Here’s three ways carpet cleaning can improve the quality of your life and lead to a healthier home or office space.

1. Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants.

Having a professional carpet cleaning service helps you get rid of the pollutants and microscopic allergens, pollens and pollutants. These have been built up in the home or office’s carpet over time. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that a dirty carpet is capable of retaining several sources of indoor air pollutants. These include; pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. These are capable of decreasing the quality of air in the indoor environment. In addition to these, the carpet is capable of retaining other sources of indoor air pollutants. Such as the toxic airborne gases which can be released through everyday activities including walking across it.

2. Can clear out dust mite infestations.

Several homes are predisposed and exposed to dust mite infestations. We are most often times not aware of because of its microscopic nature. Taking into consideration that the dust mites themselves aren’t allergens, they most often than not leave behind feces in the carpet. Along with body fragments which are irritable and affect the quality of the air in the home. Having a professional clean your carpet using a technique known as carpet shampooing can dramatically reduce dust mite populations in your home and office.

3. Carpet cleaning can help prevent mold growth.

Mold growth in the home is capable of causing a wide range of health conditions and as such can contribute to a number of health challenges in the home or office. Dirty carpets are capable of harboring dirt and debris along with moisture which is capable of providing micro-organisms the needed environment which encourages growth. Having a professional carpet cleaning service company handle your carpet cleaning needs helps you reduce the risk of such microorganism growth.

Cleaning your carpets should be a priority. For all carpet cleaning needs, the team of professionals specialised in carpet cleaning at 1800 CLEANER can be reached via our contact page.

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