If you’ve been looking for reliable, non-toxic Sydney house cleaners, your search is finally over. With more than 35 years of experience, 1800 CLEANER has been in the business of keeping Sydney households happy for decades. With scientifically developed dust-extraction technology, your home will be healthier and remain cleaner between visits. This approach is so unique that you will enjoy a far more spectacularly clean and healthy home using our Sydney house cleaners fortnightly than can be achieved with a weekly clean from traditional approaches.

Our innovative cleaning system overcomes the dreaded “dust-drop” effect.

The dream cleaning team.

Sydney’s dream cleaning team.

This cleaning approach is revolutionary in removing up to 97% of fine particle dust down to 30 microns in size. This is dust so small that we can’t see it. This micro-dust goes airborne when we disturb it with the traditional cleaning approach, where it stays suspended for up to 5 days, the bulk of which resettles again within days. We’re referring here to that thin layer of dust you can see accumulate on the open surfaces of your TV cabinet every week. It also is evidenced by its accumulation on top of ceiling fans. Only one cleaning company gets rid of it.

Our 5-star Google reviews attest to this. Live dust-free with 1800 CLEANER and save time, money, and the environment. The primary benefit is the impact on your health and happiness, and that’s priceless.

Our Sydney house cleaners do more than just clean. They literally remove the invisible dust cloud in your house, allowing you to live dust-free. It’s a transformation you will only realize you’ve been missing once you experience it yourself.

Please don’t take our word for it.

Trust our numerous 5-star Google reviews from clients such as Kristy from South Coogee; 

Don’t just take our word for it. Trust the numerous 5-star Google reviews from clients like Kristy from South Coogee. She says, “There are cleaning companies and cleaners, and then there’s Michael and his team of Carla, Fernanda, Maria, and Fran…what can I say? They’re in a class of their own. They are punctual and professional, and the difference their cleaning method makes is nothing short of miraculous. My home looks and feels brand new, literally sparkling….I had no idea how much dust was “clouding” our lives until 1800 CLEANER removed it! The home looks and feels fabulous. I wish I had found 1800 CLEANER sooner!”

Book your first “dust-free” clean today to experience the 1800 CLEANER difference.