With our scientifically developed, non-toxic spring cleaning services, you can remove up to 97% of harmful micro-dust from your home. Known as the “dust-drop” effect, micro-dust frustratingly floats with traditional cleaning approaches to spring cleans and resettles again. This makes ongoing cleaning very difficult, time-consuming, and ineffective, not to mention harmful to your health. Whilst doing an annual spring clean is very important, understanding the impact of fine particle dust and why it’s so hard to remove is vital.

Scientific studies confirm what many of us have intuitively felt about the harmful effects of toxic indoor microscopic dust.

Our remarkable cleaning services have taken over 35 years to painstakingly develop and are renowned for removing particles as small as 30 microns in size (that’s 1/30th the circumference of a human hair) and provide at least seven valuable benefits including;

  1. Improved indoor air quality
  2. Better Well-being and health
  3. Helps immune function
  4. Creates a sense of order
  5. Increased settlement
  6. Reduced stress
  7. Better sleep

Our spring cleaning process provides immediate benefits and sets a ‘dust-free’ foundation for your home, making the requirement for future cleaning efforts less frequent and more productive. This means you can enjoy a cleaner home all year round with less effort due to the practical removal of the “dust-drop” effect.

Invest in our scientifically developed spring-cleaning services and transform your home into a clean and healthy sanctuary. Breathe in air that feels like medicine, ensuring the well-being of you and your loved ones with 1800 CLEANER. 

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