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Describing what happens when your house evolves from chaos into order is difficult. It is a seismic shift. To appreciate a home devoid of toxins and full of clean, positive energy is something that can only be explained by being fully experienced. Such are the ineffable things of this world. Perhaps the only word that approximates this experience is heaven.

No matter how many years since your house had a deep clean or how much you feel devoid of the energy you require to get the job done, 1800 CLEANER can do it. All you need to do is hand your home over to us for a full day, and we will not only clean up every nook and cranny, but we can also de-clutter and clean the air and the energy. The result will be a transformed home and a transmuted life. From chaos to order in a single day is what we do best.

Make your home a haven

Each day and night, you will feel replenished by a home that’s a haven. And, you will feel energised as you watch your life spiral upwards as a result.

Let’s face reality together. A dirty and cluttered home is not a happy place to live in. People living in such a home will experience negative energy and lethargy, and everything can feel like a struggle. Moreover, the disorder and stagnant feelings hinder us on our path in life. The stress of searching for things exacerbates confusion, anxiety, depression and even sickness. Your house is simply the reflection of your life. And when everything is in its place, energy can flow, and harmony is invited into your home and world. The resultant peace of mind and sense of order is heaven-sent.

In conclusion, anything that makes us feel off is felt, and we invite a better flow of energy into our world by starting with a clean, healthy, energetically pristine home.


Michael Sweet, founder of 1800 CLEANER |