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The story behind the invention of ecolove cleaning products is one of necessity. Indeed necessity is the mother of all invention. 1800 CLEANER and it’s people never set out to be cleaning product inventors. Rather, it was the lack of efficacy of the non-toxic cleaning products on the market that led to their creation. We really tried everything. And no matter what we did we just could not find any non-toxic cleaning products that worked.

So, we were literally forced to create our own. Over time, our customers came to ask us what was it that we used. Moreover, some wanted to buy them for their own use as well. We thought this was a good idea and so we started to supply our customers with these products and they even saved money. So now we make these products available to you.

By buying in bulk, you save considerable money and wastage as you dilute these products according to the efficacy required. What we found is that once a house is in good shape, maintaining it does not require too much elbow grease nor concentrated product. Adding our dust-extraction methodology, these products last for ages and customers actually save hundreds of dollars per annum by diluting them to their particular needs. Delivered in bulk and in concentrate, 1800 CLEANER allows its customers to enjoy smarter cleaning without the damands of a big corporation to extract profits and the overriding temptations to dilute the contents and the efficacy.

That’s the ecolove promise and it’s backed up by 1800 CLEANER.