1800 CLEANER ~ Live dust-free

The Chifley house cleaners who make your home a dust-free haven await your call. Call 1800 CLEANER.

We’re the cleaners Chifley residents trust with reliable and exceptional, non-toxic cleaning services. Our Chifley cleaning customers love having a cleaning services company they can trust and rely upon. We do what we promise and make our customers’ lives far more manageable as they outsource their cleaning requirements. This saves our valued Chifley cleaning customers valuable time, anxiety, unnecessary drama and supplier hassles. The key to happy ongoing residential cleaning services is to start with our 21-Point spring clean.

1800 CLEANER I Live dust-free

Once we’ve cleaned everything thoroughly and worked hard to remove all of the hidden particle dust in your Chifley chalet, the ongoing cleaning is straightforward. Our Chifley cleaning services focus on removing the fine particle dust left behind with traditional cleaning methods. And so the team of 1800 CLEANER have used the scientific method over decades and countless experiments to figure out a process to remove up to 97% of fine particle dust (down to 30 microns) on that first big clean.

As a result, our one-of-a-kind domestic cleaning services will eliminate the “dust-drop” phenomenon from your Chifley manor. The result is a spectacularly clean and healthy home that is far easier to maintain and stays far cleaner between visits too.