Our founder started his first cleaning run over 35 years ago and brings that experience into every home we service today. The 1800 CLEANER team of Camperdown cleaners are amongst Australia’s finest. They are, to a person, trained thoroughly in our special and scientifically developed dust-free cleaning system.

Camperdown cleaners who are a joy to work with

1800 CLEANER are the premier Camperdown cleaners you can trust

When you engage with 1800 CLEANER, we commence with a thorough spring clean (either the 21-Point spring clean or Mini-Spring clean) that lays a dust-free base. Ultimately, we go after the dust in the hidden and neglected corners to ensure it no longer “leaks out”. Moreover, this “dust-drop” effect frustrates ongoing cleaning efforts and makes traditional Camperdown cleaners less effective and productive. As it stands, this traditional approach to cleaning represents lots of wastage.

You see when you clean a house before removing the microscopic dust first, it simply recirculates, settling again and requiring cleaning again within 5 days. And it never feels really clean and seems to require constant attention. Finally, a dust-free home must be seen and especially felt to be believed.

Camperdown cleaners of renown do not happen by accident

Above all, 1800 CLEANER trains above-average people to be elite. We do this in combination with superior cleaning equipment, technologies and methods to produce dust-free and non-toxic results. And our standards are exacting. So, if you’ve been searching for excellent Camperdown cleaners you can form a trusting relationship with for annual spring cleaning or regular services, you’ve landed on the right page.

Finally, we invite you to enjoy dust-free living as so many of your Camperdown neighbours do. Please call 1800 CLEANER, that’s 1800 253 263. Or you can send an email to Jess at [email protected]. Or fill in the quote request form to get our excellent Camperdown cleaners into your world. We can not wait to take great care of you and your family.