Allergy cleaners who know how to get the airborne dust to settle is crucial

Allergy cleaners who know how to get the airborne dust to settle is crucial

Allergy cleaners you can rely upon

One of the most allergenic materials is house dust, and only specialised allergy cleaners can adequately handle it. That’s because the allergic materials found in house dust are microscopic. This makes them difficult to capture with traditional cleaning approaches. The really fine particles are disturbed as we clean them, and a static electrical charge attaches to them. This makes them float and repel one another so that they go airborne. There they can stay suspended for up to five days. Finding professional allergy cleaners who know how to deal with this is a challenge. And an opportunity.

Remembering that these dust particles are so small that we can’t see them with the naked human eye, and so this happens without our awareness, And so as we clean, things look better, but above us is floating a substantial amount of the fine dust particles we are disturbing. These are particles that also contain the allergens and pollutants we are trying to remove. They can stay suspended up there for up to five days before they start to resettle again. And then we do the same thing again and again, and so on and so forth. That’s traditional cleaning. But thankfully, science is developing and professional allergy cleaners and their methods are available to allergy sufferers.

1800 CLEANER is the solution

Unfortunately, there is no quick, easy and uncomplicated solution to dealing with fine particle dust. When it comes to complicated problems, the solution can often be complicated and multi-varied. We have found that it’s a multi-pronged approach that will eliminate the dust. 1800 CLEANER has developed a scientific system that includes a cleaning method that combines with machinery, including anti-bacterial air filters and negative ionisers, and a systematic cleaning sequence to remove the majority (up to 97%) of this fine particle dust (down to 30 microns) in a single day with our 21-Point spring clean. We can then maintain this level of cleaning with our regular ongoing 12-point cleaning service. These services will dramatically reduce allergens, pollutants, microscopic particles and airborne impurities, leaving your indoor air quality pristine and dramatically dust-free. These services will help to substantially reduce symptoms plaguing allergy sufferers.

For those who can not access our services, we have written an article here that will help.