Our Riverview cleaners provide exceptional, non-toxic, and dust-free house cleaning services. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust us to handle all your cleaning needs. Our scientifically developed cleaning system ensures that we remove up to 97% of the fine particle dust in your house, leaving you with a dust-free home that promotes your health and well-being. Not to mention a spectacularly clean house that is easier to maintain and stays cleaner for longer between visits. Our expertly trained cleaning professionals perform all standard cleaning tasks extremely well. Our intelligent approach to microscopic dust extraction sets us apart from other house cleaning services in Riverview.

We understand the importance of indoor air quality and the innate human need to live dust-free. Our Riverview cleaners are trained and equipped to remove microscopic dust. Dust so small that it can cause allergic reactions. Following a scientifically developed cleaning system, we bring ionisers and antibacterial air filters with us when we clean. We also bring HEPA-grade vacuum cleaners along with a special cleaning sequence. This leaves your home cleaner than can be achieved with traditional cleaning approaches.

Riverview cleaners

Riverview cleaners you can trust with over 35 years experience

What is the “dust-drop effect”?

Traditional cleaning methods usually disturb a large amount of dust, which goes into the air for an extended period, usually days, and resettles again after the cleaning session. This “dust-drop effect” is due to various factors, including the effect of static electricity, which can make dust float for up to five days. Our scientific approach to house cleaning can be life-enriching and even life-extending. The toxic effects of house dust on human longevity are being studied. In time, science will prove what we cleaners anecdotally know – that the harmful effects of indoor air pollution are not good for our health and longevity.

Our team of Riverview cleaners from 1800 CLEANER provide specialised equipment and a scientific approach to remove microscopic dust, allergens, and airborne pollutants. These unique cleaning methods and microscopic dust extraction techniques, not found in other services, ensure that Riverview residents can breathe easy with indoor air so clean that it feels like living on top of a mountain. Our cleaning professionals follow an innovative cleaning system to leave your home dust-free and spectacularly clean. Moreover, your Riverview manor will stay cleaner for longer between cleans.

If you’ve been searching for exceptional-quality Riverview cleaners, look no further. Our local team of cleaning professionals has been caring for locals for decades. We are experts in improving indoor air quality and providing exceptional cleaning services to Riverview residents. Trust us to remove up to 97% of the fine particle dust in your home, as small as 30 microns.

Call 1800 CLEANER and start living dust-free today.