1800 CLEANER are the premium residential cleaner service that you can trust to ensure your home is toxin and dust-free. With over 35 years of experience and a scientific method that leaves your home up to 97% dust-free, the choice is easy. And when it comes to professional and friendly workers, you can’t get better!



Cleaner services from 1800 CLEANER. Non-toxic and exceptional

There are so many good reasons to choose 1800 CLEANER. Our dust-free technology is chief among them. Science is catching up with something our bodies have always innately known. And that is that dust makes us feel poorly. Over extended periods of time, it can make us sick. And so, the dust we live with must be contained and controlled. The problem is that the really harmful dust is microscopic and impossible for us to see. As a result, when we clean, we think we have gotten rid of the dust for the moment. And then, strangely, it returns. We call this phenomenon the “dust-drop effect”, and at 1800 CLEANER, we’re obsessed about removing it from our customer’s homes.

If you’re ready to begin your dust-free cleaner services journey with us, call 1800 CLEANER today and live dust-free.