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If you are requesting a quote during peak demand periods we ask that you provide as much prior notice to your requested day. This will ensure we maximise your chances of securing the day you prefer. It is most preferable to have a number of day options in preparation as our cleaners are in high demand.  And we may, at various times, have a waiting list that extends beyond a week in some cases. Such is the nature of premium cleaning and an inverse relationship exists between cleaner quality and availability. Clients often rebook a regular service when impressed by a cleaner. And thus a high-quality cleaner will be in high demand with innumerable regular customers. And so it stands to reason that a cleaner who is available on the day or a day before, or even a specific upcoming day will not be booked out. Such cleaners do not have a tsunami of customers clamouring to have them clean for them. And so we thank you for your understanding that providing excellent service is 1800 CLEANER’s priority and as such quick turnarounds and short notice cleans are not always possible, so please plan ahead.