Window Cleaners Sydney

We’ve been cleaning windows for over 35 years

Clean windows are the perfect complement to a clean house. Whether it’s a first-time carefully blading without a scratch after a construction job; or working on old windows that have fallen into disrepair, or incorporating clean windows into a regular schedule; we pride ourselves on doing things properly.

Non-toxic products all the way ~ecoLove

We use our own non-toxic products that were specially developed to not only clean windows magnificently but to also repel dust into the future. It also has no perfume smells or toxic odours. These products are available for sale under our own brand ~ ecoLove. We also don’t just clean the windows, we clean the window frames, tracks and fly-screens too and if the client requests it, even the eves as well. When we say clean we really mean clean. We have developed techniques that don’t simply wipe the surface but really wash the dirt away and then squeegee and dry-wipe the beautifully washed windows and fly-screens dry to perfection.

Window blading without a scratch

Sometimes windows will have old paint and mortar splashes and bird poo and other stains that will not be removed with water washing alone. If the customer requests it these can require blading for the first clean to remove them for once and for all. No stain is too stubborn for us to clean off but blading can take extra time and we have to be careful because without diligence blading can scratch windows too. Using a razor blade and avoiding scratching is quite an art and we need to be diligent and careful but once bladed properly widows are easier to keep clean forevermore so they need to be done right the first time. Our customers trust us with this delicate job and we are insured for $5m to ensure peace of mind with your precious windows.

Cleaning windows with passion for over 30 years

The founder of the company first started cleaning windows over 30 years ago and built a run of happy customers as a teenager in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney including shop windows and local houses. He got very good at it and so busy he ended up training and employing his schoolmates to keep up with demand. Some would say he was OCD from a young age and in this business that’s just perfect. Good window cleaners have always been hard to find and he now hand trains every window cleaner in the 1800 CLEANER team. This assures you of quality and attention to detail that will make your investment in your home worth every penny.

Regular window cleaning experts

Having your windows cleaned regularly not only improves the appearance of your home or workplace but it also actually can protect your windows and frames over the long term from damage that can be caused by accumulated dirt and gunk that can accelerate corrosion and damage. Once cleaned well, windows are quite easy to maintain with an annual or bi-annual cleaning schedule.

Increase your sale price with clean windows

When selling your home clean windows are a must and can add many thousands to the final selling price. For businesses that have customers and clients visit their work, the improvement based on the impression of a clean and pristine work environment is incalculable. For the home owner, it just feels beautiful to live in a clean house with bright and clean windows. The energy that permeates a home with clean windows is pristine.

Increase good vibes with clean windows

It’s really something to see when a room and home are transformed simply by the act of cleaning the windows. It not only lets more light in, is far more attractive but also the energy created and transmuted from outside is more pristine and positive. When it comes to dirty windows, these are perhaps the luckiest customers as the transformation is even more intense.

When you are ready to enjoy windows so clean you’ll barely know they’re there please give us a call on 1800 CLEANER. That’s 1800 253 263 or please click on the form below.