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Sydney Cleaners of distinction and how 1800 CLEANER got started.

It was 1986 when Michael Sweet started his first cleaning run in the leafy streets of Beecroft, knocking on doors and offering to clean cars for $5 each.

After building and later selling this successful cleaning run to another Sydney cleaner as a teenager, he returned many years later with some new ideas, a scientific approach, and an unforgettable phone number.

“It all started when I was trying to get my family home completely dust-free for the arrival of our first baby girl. I bought an expensive vacuum cleaner, all the latest products, and followed all instructions. No matter what I did, the dust returned within days. I tried everything. The “dust-drop effect” continued and started to consume me.”



The Pre-eminent Specialist Sydney Cleaners That Residents Trust

The wisest choice for home cleaning services is 1800 CLEANER

1800 CLEANER specialises in cleaning Sydney homes with a comprehensive range of cleaning services that are professional, precise, and guaranteed for quality, hygiene, and consistency. We are the pre-eminent Sydney cleaners with a scientific approach. These intelligent cleaning methods combined with state-of-the-art equipment and a diligent, hard-working team of local professionals deliver an outstanding result that provides a dust-free indoor environment. Our Sydney cleaning customers enjoy dust-free living and health and lifestyle benefits that are difficult to describe with mere words; they need to be experienced to be properly understood.

You can trust our Australian family-run business, and with over 30 Years of experience servicing Sydney customers, you can rely on us. Our Sydney cleaners are hand chosen and trained by our founder for qualities of precision and excellence that are way above the industry norm.

We pride ourselves on the virtues of integrity, respect, honesty, intelligence, kindness, and good old-fashioned hard work.


Sydney Cleaners of renown can transform your Sydney home into a haven.

1800 CLEANER understands your time is valuable, and you need a reliable and experienced team to get the job done right, first time, every time, with minimal disruption to your time or routine. That’s not just what we promise; it’s a Guarantee.

We bring our vast experience, solid and trusted expertise, and sensitivity to your cleaning needs to every job with every one of our Sydney cleaners. We also bring innovative cleaning systems, premium products, and intelligent cleaning solutions. Read more…

Sydney Families Doing All The Cleaning 

Every weekend in Sydney, families find themselves doing the cleaning. When the cleaning is complete, the feeling can be one of relief, satisfaction, and exhaustion. As the dust settles and then returns in the days and weeks after the cleaning is complete, Sydney’s army of residential house cleaners can rightly feel dejected.

Thankfully science has found a better way, thanks to the obsessive-compulsive cleanliness of the founder of our leading Sydney cleaning company and his team of Sydney cleaners.

What is dust-free cleaning?

Have you ever noticed that when you move a curtain in the morning and a shaft of sunlight penetrates the room, the dust sparkles and seems to float? These tiny particles seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity. Pondering upon this phenomenon is the starting point for every Sydney cleaner to find freedom from the dreaded “dust-drop” cycle that plagues traditional cleaning efforts. This fine microscopic dust that we usually can’t see is why home cleaners in Sydney feel that they are constantly cleaning, yet their homes never feel relatively clean enough. When they clean, these microscopic dust and pollutant particles go airborne and float around while they clean and then resettle in the hours and days after the cleaning is complete. This means that nearly every home cleaner in Sydney wastes substantial energy and time by moving dust around without removing it.

There must be a better way.

As a result of this unstudied “dust-drop” effect, Sydney residents fall broadly into three camps in response to this problem. The first response is to outsource the cleaning to Sydney cleaners which can be a mixed bag depending on who you choose. The second response is to clean more yourself and possibly even develop a compulsive cleaning disorder as our founder did. The third option is to give up in frustration and let the dust bunnies collect under your bed as you hurriedly clean the surfaces on those occasions when the guests are coming over. Each of these approaches has its pros and cons, and it’s this last one, neglecting to clean, that we want to focus upon.

What happens if you don’t clean

If you don’t clean, then the environment in your home can become highly unhealthy as dirt, detritus, dust, microscopic contaminants, pollens, pollutants, mould, bacteria, and dust-mite populations build up. Even cockroach infestations take place, which sends toxin levels in your home through the roof. The result is poor health with innumerable physical symptoms and often a depressed mood and pessimistic outlook on life. Allergic reactions will worsen, your bathroom and kitchen will become a biohazard, and your overall quality of life can worsen. It would help if you had a team of reliable Sydney cleaners.

Health benefits of using 1800 CLEANER

Cleaning well is all about cleaning those things we can see and those we can’t. Even if you can’t see microscopic irritants in your home, you can feel them. 1800 CLEANER has scientifically developed an innovative approach to cleaning that removes microscopic dust and contaminant particles down to 30 microns in size (1/30th the circumference of a human hair). This makes the house look and feel sensually spectacular and ensures the home stays cleaner for longer as the “dust-drop” effect is essentially eliminated. The best part of all is that our specialist range of home cleaning services will improve the health of your home and even the general feeling of well-being of your entire family. This is one of the beautiful health benefits of negative ions. As part of our dust-removal process, we infuse your house with negative ions, an integral part of nature’s feel-good recipe for healthy living. In these ways, cleaning is equal parts art and science. In our opinion, we blend the two seamlessly for the benefit of our Sydney customers and our Sydney cleaners.

The house cleaning company Sydney residents trust

1800 CLEANER has completed over 50,000 cleans and, over many years, has fine-tuned its processes so that every aspect of what we do is innovative and geared towards maximum cleaning effect. Our teams use an ioniser to help make the fine particle dust heavy which has the side benefit of elevating the mood of those who inhabit the home. Fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths and microfibre mop heads are used to ensure cross-contamination does not occur. Anti-Bacterial HEPA filters clean the air as we clean the house. We use industrial-grade HEPA vacuum cleaners with superior suction to remove more dirt and microscopic dust. And we exclusively use our non-toxic range of cleaning products under the brand name ecoLove. Our people are provided with a long-term working career, are well paid and cared for with consistent quality work. As a result, our workers stay longer, are happier to clean, and are hard-working, dedicated, friendly, trustworthy and caring.

 All of our services come with a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.

Always open to feedback.

We are all ears if you can think of any improvements we can incorporate into our home cleaning services. We are proud to be and continue to work towards being the house cleaners Sydney residents trust for dust-free and reliable house cleaning services that are exceptional in all areas of customer satisfaction; quality, consistency, reliability, integrity, and value.

Superlative home cleaning services you will love

With all of the physical advantages that accrue to our home cleaning Sydney customers, there is one last reason to choose 1800 CLEANER that is even more special. That reason is that we care. Indeed, we provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services Sydney residents have relied on for many years. Still, the real reason for our success is that, as an organisation, we genuinely care. Caring is the real key to happy cleaning. When you walk into your dust-free Sydney home, you will feel a difference. Not just because of the energy in the house but also due to the sense that your cleaner cares. And that feeling is simply priceless.

Also servicing the Inner West Sydney and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, contact us today for your home cleaning needs.

Where It All Began For 1800 CLEANER in Sydney

1800 CLEANER’s founder Michael Sweet began his career in the Sydney cleaning business in 1986. He started his first cleaning run as a young boy in Beecroft, a leafy suburb in Sydney, door knocking and offering to clean cars for the princely sum of just $5. It all built from there.

After selling his original cleaning business in Sydney, Michael went to university and on to a successful career in advertising. He pioneered the phone names industry in Australia. He then returned years later in 2005 after discovering a scientific and superior cleaning system that removes the dust-drop effect that plagues traditional cleaning methods. Michael was keen to offer his clients this innovative approach alongside an unforgettable 1800 phone number.

At the heart of 1800 CLEANER’s story is the tale of family and one of love. As a first time Dad and in expectation of the arrival of a baby girl in a matter of months, he was worried about the impact of fine particle dust. Airborne particles, including microscopic pollutants, pollens, mould spores, contaminants, and minuscule irritants, could affect his child’s health after birth.

So, he went to work experimenting – obsessively. Even when using a top of the line vacuum cleaner, the dust around the home would return in a couple of days. This would frustrate Michael’s effort to find a robust cleaning solution that would last long-term and remove the fine dust that is harmful to developing immune systems.

Finding a solution to this problem was the inspiration behind the establishment of 1800 CLEANER.

It’s impossible to describe what it’s like to live in a dust-free home. Living dust-free can only experience it. 1000s of customers across Sydney are now enjoying the fruits of this labour, living in dust-free and healthy indoor environments. You can also enjoy the great indoors with one easy phone call to 1800 CLEANER.

The Green Clean Commitment

By exclusively using environmentally friendly products, we complete our cleaning without harming the environment, and we use science to clean it better.

We provide clean and green solutions that

deliver brilliant results and do it better than any other service. We specifically

developed our non-toxic products, and they’re the only products we use. We’re

sure you’ll love our gorgeous ecoLoveTM product range as we do.

With these environmentally-friendly products,

we’ve developed an ingenious cleaning system. One that captures more physical

debris and airborne dust than other methods and dramatically reduces

microscopic contaminant levels in your home and workplace. Also dramatically

reducing dust mite populations, cutting the breeding cycle with every clean.

The results are both visually and sensually spectacular.

1800 CLEANER has developed a scientific approach

to extracting microscopic particle dust, the bane of traditional cleaning. Our

specialised dust extraction technology removes minuscule dust particles,

airborne irritants, and contaminants from your home using negative ions and

HEPA anti-bacterial air filters. The removal of microscopic dust and unseen

impurities from your home and the air in your home infuses your house with

mother nature’s feel-good energy that we get from the atmosphere after storms and

from the moving oceans ~ negative ions. This helps explain why we feel so alive

and in good health when we visit the beach or any place where there is crashing

and turbulent water ~ the abundance of negative ions. It’s believed that when

they reach our bloodstream, negative ions produce a biochemical reaction that

increases our body’s serotonin levels which in turn will help us naturally to

alleviate depression and relieve stress. This boosts our daytime energy levels,

and we can confidently predict it will also improve our immune systems.

Human beings always feel so much better after a

day at the beach. A major contributing factor to why we feel good is because of

the negative ions. Negative ions are delivered into your home for the entire

duration of our cleaning services, and as a result, you and your family will

receive positive health benefits. This is an accidental and secondary benefit.

The primary reason 1800 CLEANER uses an ioniser when we clean is to make the

fine particle dust as small as 1/30th the circumference of a human hair (30

microns) heavier so that it stops floating around so we can extract it from

your home and your life. The combination of no dust, fresh air, negative ions,

and a beautifully clean home combine to make our cleaning services one of a

kind. Luckily for you, we are a fully Australian-based company, and these

remarkable cleaning services are available to you and your Sydney neighbours

with just one phone call to 1800 CLEANER.


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The 1800 CLEANER team prides itself on its solid and reliable reputation throughout Sydney.

Day by day, client by client, year by year, one job at a time, our Sydney cleaners have worked hard to get us to where we are.

 We are proud of our achievements and are committed to delivering first-class service and a truly exceptional customer experience every day on every job. We are a good and honest group of people, and if you too are a kind person, we’re your kind of company. Our Sydney cleaners are amongst the industry’s best.

To start living without dust in your life, get in contact with us today for a free quote. The 1800 CLEANER team is ready and waiting to attend to all your cleaning needs.

Why choose our cleaning company?

There are many good reasons to trust our Sydney cleaners to take care of the cleaning.

Our innovative cleaning system, dedicated workers, environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment capture more physical debris and airborne dust, dramatically reducing microscopic contaminant levels in your home and workplace. Our Sydney cleaners are trained thoroughly in these methods and systems. The result is a spectacularly cleaner indoor environment that is a pleasure to live and work in and easier to keep clean.