Builders Renovation Cleans Sydney

The first time you clean after the build is complete is of paramount importance and finding the right builder’s cleaners is not easy or straightforward until you have immersed yourself in the problem. When a new house is built or a new kitchen/bathroom and/or remedial work is conducted including floor sanding and painting; dust of an extremely fine nature is created and can often stay suspended in the air for up to five days when disturbed. This makes removal of this dust with standard cleaning procedures very difficult. You need specialist builder’s cleaners who know what they are doing. Practically every cleaner you talk to will claim they know how to d a builder’s clean, but unless they can explain their method, you are not talking with expert builder’s cleaners.

The primary goal with a final clean of this nature is to remove the vast majority of this dust (up to 97%) to a microscopic level (down to 30 microns) in one fell swoop so that it never needs to be dealt with again. We often encounter clients who are putting up with this dust for years after the final construction is complete, trying to deal with the dust themselves or paying transient cleaners that do not understand the nature and physics of fine dust extraction.

Our standard building and renovation clean includes:

All Rooms

  1. Close off all windows, doors and entrance areas and seal off area and minimise through-drafts and prepare the premises.
  2. Thorough dusting of all ceilings, ledges, walls, blinds, ceiling fans, landing surfaces and windowsills throughout.
  3. Power-head HEPA-Vacuum of floors, stairs and carpets at commencement and completion.
  4. Clean all cupboard and drawer exteriors and interiors and mirrors throughout.
  5. Extract dust throughout all accessible areas by running a negative ioniser.
  6. Wipe clean all surfaces, light switches and skirting boards.
  7. Air Clean with HEPA-air and antibacterial air filtration.
  8. Hand clean of air vents and fans.


  1. Remove dust, grime and gunk on top of cupboards and clean range hood.
  2. Warm water scrub and wipe clean bench-tops, sink, taps and grill tops.
  3. Remove, clean behind, under and replace fridge (if fridge present).
  4. Spray, scrub and wipe cupboard exteriors and interiors.
  5. Clean and polish appliance exteriors.
  6. Hot micro-fibre wash and dry floor.


  1. Wipe clean sinks, vanities, taps and cupboard interiors and exteriors.
  2. Scrub, wipe clean and dry shower and shower screens throughout.
  3. Wash clean and disinfect toilets, inside and out.
  4. Hot wash and wipe wall tiles.
  5. Hot wash and dry floors.
  6. Scrub and dry bath tub.

We can also add a host of additional services as required including window cleaning, carpet shampooing, pressure cleaning and oven cleaning. Please be mindful to choose a day in which the entire property can be handed over to us unhindered and unimpeded as we need to seal off the premises in order to ensure the dust has time to settle as a crucial part of this process. These cleans are quoted on the understanding that the property is completely empty of all rubbish and that there is no furniture and will not be any tradespeople on the premises for the entire day.

If this is not to be the case we can work with you to find a solution in such scenarios and refer clients to our 21-point clean in situations where they are currently moved in or are in a pickle due to overlapping and late timelines of various suppliers.

Call Michael to discuss on 1800 CLEANER or direct on 0415 274 140.