Regular 12 Point Clean

Regular 12 Point Clean

Come home to a healthier and cleaner house with our regular 12 Point clean

Our regular 12-point clean keeps your home healthy and easier to keep clean all year round. It is the ultimate hassle-free, non-toxic house cleaning schedule and includes specialised dust and fine particle removal. We can incorporate additional cleaning services such as window cleaning and carpet shampooing into a forward planned schedule.

Traditional cleaning methods tend to move the fine dust in your home around as the really fine dust as well as pollens and microscopic airborne contaminants have a tendency to float when disturbed either by wind, dusting or by your and your traditional cleaners best efforts. Looking more closely, it is the static electricity and the positive ionic charge that causes these microscopic particles to seemingly defy the laws of physics and gravity only to resettle again in the hours and weeks after the clean is complete. Furthermore some cheaper vacuum cleaners actually redistribute those particles they are lucky enough to temporarily capture into the air again. This explains why there is often so much dust on top of cupboards and ceiling fans.

Our scientifically developed cleaning system dramatically reduces this “dust-drop” effect and the results are spectacular; both visually and sensually. Our approach to cleaning means that a 12 point clean on a fortnightly basis is vastly superior to the results achieved with traditional cleaning methods on a weekly basis. The 12 Point clean is exclusive to 1800 CLEANER and will have a dramatically positive effect on the health, look and feel of your home – making life a little more peaceful.

The 12-Point Clean Checklist

All Rooms
  • 1. Dusting of ceilings, ledges, walls, blinds, landing surfaces, skirting boards, vents, fans and windowsills.
  • 2. Air Clean with HEPA-air, ioniser and antibacterial air filtration.
  • 3. Hepa-Vacuum of all accessible floors, stairs and carpet.
  • 4. Wipe down open surfaces and clean mirrors.
  • 5. Warm water scrub and wipe clean bench-tops, sink, taps and grill tops.
  • 6. Spray, scrub and spot wipe cupboard exteriors.
  • 7. Clean and polish appliance exteriors.
  • 8. Hot micro-fibre wash and dry floor.
  • 9. Scrub, wipe clean and dry shower and shower screens and bathtub and spot clean wall tiles.
  • 10. Wash clean and disinfect toilets, inside and out.
  • 11. Wipe clean sinks, vanities and taps.
  • 12. Hot wash and dry floors.

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