How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

As long as you live in the Eastern Suburbs or Inner West of Sydney, with just one phone call you will receive a quote for a clean tailored to your specific needs. We plan on delivering these services beyond Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner West regions in the future as we expand operations through franchising. This website provides you with all the required information about the various special housecleaning services that we offer, with a brief summary below.

At 1800 CLEANER, we only use non-toxic cleaning products exclusively under the EcoLove brand. Our unique power head HEPA-AIR vacuum, ionizer and air filtering cleaning technology will guarantee that your home will remain extraordinarily dust free. We utilise hygienically clean and fresh cloths and micro fiber mop-heads ensuring a hygienic result and zero cross contamination.

1800 CLEANER delivers a 100% guarantee for consistency, hygiene and quality. We passionately strive to be the very best cleaners in the Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to take care of your cleaning needs.

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