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Welcome To 1800 CLEANER - Australia's premier home cleaning specialists. 1800 CLEANER is proud to provide discerning Sydney based customers in the Inner West and Eastern suburbs of Sydney with a consistently high quality and professional cleaning service. When you require a reliable cleaner in the Inner West or the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney you can trust our family owned and operated company. We have been operating successfully in the Inner West and the Eastern suburbs of Sydney for well over ten years now.

There are so many other good reasons to choose 1800 CLEANER. Our scientifically developed cleaning system ensures your place is left sparkling after every visit and by filtering the air we capture more dust, allergens and pollutant particles down to a microscopic size of 30 microns (1/30th the circumference of a human hair). 1800 CLEANER cleaners in the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney are trained in dust-extraction technology and non-toxic cleaning to a standard unmatched by any other agency.

Our professional teams are expertly trained using our own scientifically developed cleaning technologies, methods and systems that specifically target fine particle dust, airborne irritants and microscopic contaminants down to a microscopic level of 30 microns in order to deliver on the company’s core promise of helping our customers live in a dust-free environment. 1800 CLEANER has performed more than 16,000 cleans in the Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs and every clean carries our Guarantees of; Quality, Consistency, Promptness and Hygiene. This ensures satisfaction amongst our growing base of happy customers.

We are only a phone call away and will work hard to understand your unique needs and preferences so we can tailor something specific to your situation. With 1800 CLEANER you can be sure that your local Sydney cleaners are going to perform at the highest levels thanks to the use of our job sheet system, scientifically developed cleaning methods and our extensive training and quality control systems. Premium quality, consistency, reliability, professionalism and promptness are always guaranteed with 1800 CLEANER.

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